Kinergier Pro 5000W 24V inverter-charger (CK5.0M)
Kinergier Pro 5000W 24V inverter-charger (CK5.0M)

Kinergier Pro 5000W 24V inverter-charger (CK5.0M)

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New generation 5000W bi-directional inverter-charger delivers high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency

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Available Late November 2020 The NEW generation Kinergier Pro series from TBB Power is designed for use in an advanced solar system, offgrid, power back up and on board applications – providing AC power (230V) from 24V battery bank Delivering high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency for mission critical applications, the Kinergier Pro is a market leading inverter-charger and perfect choice to compose an on board or hybrid power solution to deploy 230V AC. Ranging from 2KW (12V) up to 8KW (48V) the Kinergier series is a fully programmable inverter-charger making it both a flexible and scalable solution in many application types. Designed to support AC coupling, DC coupling and solar hybrid system, the Kinergier Pro is a hugely capable solution that can be configured to meet any application. The 5KW (24V) and above provides support for parallel and three phase systems allowing for a truly scalable and future proof solution. The Kinergier Pro range now features power control and power assist functions. This enables shared power between grid and inverter/battery to size down the generator rating and to start loads with high surge – so combining power from both. AEA (automatic energy allocation) also allows provision of limited AC shore power or from camp site – adjusting its charging current to avoid overload of the grid connection. The Kinergier Pro CK5.0M delivers a clean, pure sine wave 230VAC output with high efficiency up to 94%.Transfer speed from grid to inverter is UPS class at 0ms making it perfect for power back up applications. When the grid is lost or disconnected the load remains connected and power is provided directly from inverter. Programming of the Kinergier can be made via the integrated LCD that displays all information including data logging. It can also be programmed via the TBB Link software Available soon – MCK remote panel which connects to the CK5.0M displaying basic information on the system status and battery voltage.


Pure Sine Wave

24 Volts

World Leading Manufacturer

Ideal for Commercial vehicles

  • Pure sine wave output (230V) with high efficiency up to 96%
  • Outstanding overload capability for all kinds of inductive loads such as A/C, fridge, power tools and compressors
  • Extremely low standby power consumption
  • Power control and power assist function
  • Integrated LCD screen with user configurable interface and data logging
  • Powerful battery charger for fast charging
  • Expansion capability with parallel configuration – up to 3 units of the same rating/type
  • 3 phase configuration – up to 6 units of the same rating/type
  • TBB Premium II charging algorithm suitable for all battery types including Lithium
  • UPS class transfer speed 0ms
  • Built in AGS (automatic generator start)
  • Twin AC output (programmable with built in load management)
  • Silent design with thermal controlled fan makes it suitable for on board power solution
  • Programmable dry contact relay x2
  • CAN Bus communication port for system integration
  • Fully programmable via TBB Link software
  • Remote monitoring and control (GPRS/WLAN – available from 2021)


Inverter :

Nominal input battery voltage : 24Vdc
Input voltage range : 21V-34Vdc
Output voltage and frequency : 230Vac +- 2%, 50 Hz +- 0.05%
Continuous output power at 25 deg c (W) : 4500 W
Peak Power (30 minutes): 5000W
Continuous output power at 40 deg c (W) : 3600 W
Peak Power (10 sec) : 6120W
Surge rating : 300% (2 seconds)
Efficiency : 94%
THD : <2%
Zero load power : 23 W
Overload protection : auto disconnect with 3 times restart attempt

Charger :

Nominal output voltage : 24Vdc
Maximum output current (adjustable) : 150A
AC input range : 175Vac – 264Vac
Battery types : AGM/GEL/Flooded/OpzV/LiFePO4
Temperature compensation : YES

Other Data :

Transfer time : UPS mode 0ms (<15ms in weakgrid mode)
Transfer switch rating (50A) : 50A (AC1) 32A (AC2)
Programmable relay: 2 x
Comms Port : RS485 (Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN optional)
Dimensions : 530*285*185mm
Weight : 36 Kg
Standards : CE-EMC/CE-LVD/E-mark (coming soon)
Warranty : 5 years

  • Off grid power
  • Self consumption solar system
  • Power back up system
  • Solar hybrid system


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