Portable Power Technology

Not only do we work with strong market leaders but we also compete to offer quality and reliability in all Portable Power Technology products.
Our range of powerpacks literally put the power back into your hands to enable safe and efficient energy, wherever you are.

TBB Power

One of our closest partners, TBB Power, are pure innovators and offer a huge variety of reliable and game changing products. Constantly looking to improve and perfect their range and deliver the ultimate user experience.


As the UK’s Distributor of REDARC products, we take pride in being able to offer the best of the best when it comes to in-vehicle charging. Pioneered in the Australian outback to be resilient, robust, and reliable.


We’ve worked with world leader Cotek for over 14 years.
Continuously delivering high quality products, ideal for use in industrial and commercial applications, on or off the grid. We’ve stuck with Cotek since the very beginning and helped them grow into a staple name within the industry.


Our close friends and UK manufacturer, Alfatronix, offer quality engineering and specialist DC-DC products that are essential in a plethora applications from battery protection systems to industrial telecoms management.


Batteries are the heart of any off grid or inverter based system so selecting the right type and capacity is very important. Exide Technologies are world leading manufacturers of lead acid deep cycle batteries offering conventional wet cell, AGM and Gel technologies.