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Portable Power Technology is the new name for Caravan and Leisure Technology.

We’ve been supplying creative and efficient power solutions to leisure, mobile and off grid applications for over 13 years.

This experience has given us a commitment to high-quality, innovative products which deliver the right solution for your specific needs—from inverters to portable power packs.

Our solar solutions also supply clean and renewable power, anytime you’re on the move.


• Featured •

1000W 12V Cotek Pure Sinewave Inverter

SP1500 micro

• Featured •

1500W 12V Power Inverter + Microwave Oven Combo

5A smart charger

• Featured •

PPT 5A Smart Battery Charger

AD2012 1224

• Featured •

Standard 20A 12V Battery Charger

140A VSR

• Featured •

12V Voltage Sensitive Relay

Sun King Pro

• Featured •

Sun King PRO 'All Night' Solar Powered Light and USB Phone Charger


• Featured •

Exide AGM 100Ah (EP900)


• Featured •

80W 12V Solar Panel Kit

Solar Power Bank - 4000mAh

• Featured •

Solar Power Bank


• Featured •

3000W 12V Power Inverter


• Featured •

Cotek CX1215 Advanced Battery Charger