PPT Powerpack 450+
PPT Powerpack 450+
PPT Powerpack 450+
PPT Powerpack 450+

PPT Powerpack 450+

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Compact, lightweight and powerful…New and Exclusive All-in-one Li-Po Powerpack 450+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it.

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Quiet and lightweight innovative portable power thats perfect for off grid outdoor activities, cabins, glamping tents, garages, market stalls, service engineers and for basic backup during a power cut. Typical applications and running times can be found here New and Exclusive to PPT we introduce a compact and portable all in one powerpack packed with features.

The Powerpack 450+ delivers at every level providing AC and DC power easily and safely. Utilising the latest Lithium-polymer battery technology the Powerpack 450+ delivers 444 Watt hour of electricity both from its rated 450W AC pure sine wave 230V inverter, high capacity 3 x 12V 15A (total) output, 1 x 12V 15A car DC port 3 x USB ports (3.1A total) and NEW high power Type C making it ideal to power laptops, fans, LED lights, LCD TV, charge mobile devices and power tools.

This unit is also capable to provide back up power to a small fridge for 15-20 hours. Recharging in the Powerpack 450+ is safe, quick and easy using the included AC adapter and 12V car adapter. The Powerpack 450+ can also be recharged from solar using the supplied cable and up to a 60 watt solar panel (ideal accessory available here) The integrated LED display clearly displays battery and output status and the control panel allow simple selection of the different output options.

The New Powerpack 450+ is packaged in a lightweight but strong aluminium alloy rugged design making it safe and reliable to move around What will it power and for how long?

Pure Sine Wave
Ideal for off-grid & remote location
USB Output for charging mobile devices
All in one power solution
  • Small, quiet and ultra powerful – Lithium-polymer battery provides 444 Watt Hour (Wh) of battery capacity
  • Lightweight but strong aluminium alloy rugged design – weighs just 5Kg
  • Flexible output to cover all requirements – 230V AC (450W) / Triple 12V DC output (120W) / Triple USB output (3.1A total) / 1 x 12VDC 15A Car port connector (female)
  • NEW 2 x Type C output – 10W output for fast charging of phones/tablets and 40W output with built in power delivery to power laptop and other USB C enabled devices
  • Quick and easy recharging – Supplied AC charger, DC car charger and optional solar charging (up to 60W)
  • Integrated LCD control panel display battery and output status
  • Solar charging compatible that lets you plug in up to 60W of 12V solar without external controller
  • USB ports for mobile charging and powering USB devices such as our Niwa USB powered lights
  • Built in Multi safety protection – 5 levels that include short circuit, overload and over-temperture
  • Built in high temperature resistance LI-Polymer battery makes it safe to use even at 60 deg c
  • Included Accessories : AC charger, car charger, solar cable (MC4 compatible) and 12V to car DC socket adapter (to connect any appliances with 12V DC car plug

Input Voltage (AC charging) : 230V-15V 4.5A ( typical charging time 10-12 hours)
Input voltage (DC charging – car) : 12V-15V 4A (typical charging time 6-8 hours)
Input Voltage (Solar Charging optional) : 12V panel @ Max 4A (typical charging time 12 hours in perfect conditions!)
Output Voltage (Inverter) : 230V 50Hz Pure Sine Wave through UK socket
Output Power (Inverter) : 450W (continuous) 500W (Max)
Output Voltage (DC) : 3 x 12V DC (180W total) 1 x 12V DC 15A female socket (to connect any appliances with 12V DC car plug)
USB Output : 3 x 5V @ 3.1A total
USB Type C : 1 x 10W, 1 x 40W
Dimensions : 296 x 94 x 196mm (L x D x H)
Battery Capacity : 3.7V @ 120Ah (444 Watt Hour)
Weight : 5Kg
Operating temperature range : -20 deg c to +60 deg c
Warranty : 1 year

  • What can it power?
    • Off grid outdoor activities such as fishing and camping
    • Glamping tents
    • Garages
    • Cabins
    • Market stalls to power lights
    • Exhibition stands to power lights, laptop payment machine
    • Small Power tool charging in vehicles
    • Remote CCTV and security surveillance
    • Wireless survey kit – Compatible with most access points
    • Back up and emergency power during power outage
    • Portable power for relief and rescue workers


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