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Energy Hub

Designed for fast and easy deployment in-vehicle, the Energy Hub is a powerful, integrated, fanless and silent lithium-based system that provides compact and efficient DC and AC energy to power auxiliary loads.

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Exclusive to Portable Power Technology

The TBB Power Energy Hub

An onboard auxiliary power solution for professionals.


Designed for fast and easy deployment in-vehicle, the Energy Hub is a powerful, integrated, fanless and silent lithium-based system that provides compact and efficient DC and AC energy to power auxiliary loads.

The Energy Hub requires just three major connections to get up and running – simple colour coded anderson connections are provided for a swift and easy install.
– Alternator (for DC-DC charging of the Energy Hub),
– Inverter (for inverter connection with the IH range – 700W to 2000W)
– DC Output (for powering DC loads directly)

The Hub is small, robust, lightweight and powerful – designed specifically for in vehicle applications, providing clean and efficient AC and DC electricity for power tools, microwaves, compressors, lighting, water heaters….anything up to 2000W.

The heart of the Hub is a 100Ah 12V high quality lithium battery system (LiFePo4) coupled to our proprietary Battery Management System (BMS).
The highly integrated and efficient BMS allows for high-speed charging from multiple sources at 1C (i.e 100A). This means that with the right conditions and sources the Hub can be recharged in just over an hour.
With the built in DC-DC charger, the Energy Hub can be recharged from alternator to 100% SOC in around 2 hours of driving.  (5% charging for every 6 mins).

Solar charging can also be integrated using the compatible TBB SP solar controller and is programmed for use with the Energy Hub. Solar conditions are tested before allowing PV to be a major charging source to ensure its strong enough to be a viable source over coming any losses in the system.

Shoreline charging can be added either via a TBB Trident battery charger or by using the CM2.0L inverter-charger which automatically takes control to enable fast and safe charging at 100A.

AC loads are powered using the proven and reliable IH series of HF power inverters. Software and hardware compatible with the Energy Hub, the IH series communicates directly with Hub, reporting load and fault information via the controller and APP.

Keeping the power inverter on the “outside” of the Hub provides for a more flexible and scalable solution. Inverters from 700W to 2000W in the IH range are compatible. With a continuous rating of 1500W and a 10 minute rating of 2000W, its highly capable to power all your AC loads and tools.
The inverter on/off functionality is fully programmable via dry contact control based on the Hub’s battery SOC and other conditions. AC can also be provided by opting for the CM2.0L inverter charger which will provide fast shoreline charging too.
Please call us for pricing on this option.

DC loads are powered directly from the DC port providing a maximum 120A. Our 6R relay or C13 DC digital distribution board provides for dry contact control via voltage or Hub battery SOC to turn DC on and off, making it fully programmable.
The Energy Hub also has integrated 2.1 USB ports and 12VDC automotive port enabling further DC mobile charging and the powering small 12VDC devices.

A key element of the Energy Hub is the MEH controller with built in Bluetooth. This display shows all system information, fault alarms and low SOC alarms (also fully programmable). This compact but stylish display is easy to fit and simple to use.

The Energy Hub APP (available on both Google Play and Apple Store) provides live information on status, charging and discharging, inverter status, battery SOC log, voltage and current, event log and faults. In engineering mode, it is used to program some of the features such as dry contact control and low SOC alarms. Each Energy Hub can also be given its unique name/identifier making programming easy in a production/shop floor environment.

Remote monitoring (*available from April 2022) will provide live information from the Hub in service, providing fleet managers and/or van conversion companies the opportunity to respond to a warranty call out accurately once data has been reviewed.

Living with the Energy Hub as a “fit and forget” on board power system is made easier by the layers of protection, fault management and reporting and built-in energy management.

With a 3 year warranty and support from our technical team, the Energy Hub is an innovative and cost effective auxiliary on board power system.

Call us to discuss your application and arrange a trial.


  • Lightweight, small and powerful
  • High energy storage – 1280 watt hour
  • Reduced emissions – more available stored energy
  • Long service life
  • Plug and Play – can be easily installed and removed quickly
  • Designed specifically for professional in-vehicle use
  • High quality LiFePO4 battery and proprietary BMS system
  • Simple operation with automatic charging from multiple sources
  • Included IH Power Inverter for AC loads (options from 700W to 2000W)
  • In vehicle 60A fast charging (DC-DC) from alternator – EU6 compatible
  • 120A DC output
  • Remote monitoring via external 4G data stick (available early 2022)
  • Bluetooth APP with engineering mode for programming of key elements (iOS and Android)
  • MEH remote system monitor with built-in Bluetooth
  • 2.1 USB ports – 2 per
  • 12V DC automotive port
  • E mark certificate for all elements – Hub, solar controller (optional) and IH inverter
  • Fast charging in 1 hour – 100A with shoreline charger or CM2.0L Kinergier mobile inverter-charger
  • Solar compatible using the SP series of controllers
  • Built in energy management – safely protects the battery from lockdown at 0% SOC by entering hibernation mode (Up to 6 months)
  • Built in heating element automatically heats the battery cells at low temperature to ensure safe charging (subject to availability of 160W power source / alternator)
  • Low SOC alarm control (programmable)
  • 3 x programmable dry contact outputs (engine start signal, SOC control of AC and DC)
  • Automatic turn on of the Energy Hub when charging source detected
  • Automatic turn off of the Energy Hub when charging source removed or 100% SOC (If system is OFF)
  • Charging from multiple sources (up to 100A) with solar priority and automatic adjustment.
  • 3 Year warranty

Battery Type : Lithium – LiFePO4
Nominal voltage: 12.8V DC
Battery Capacity : 100Ah/1280Wh

In-Vehicle DC to DC Charging: 60A (12~16V DC)
Maximum Charging current : 100A
Maximum Discharge current : 200A (2000W maximum power inverter for 10 mins) 150A continuous (1500W inverter approx)
DC Output (1) to Inverter: 150ADC (200ADC Peak)
DC Output (2) to DC Load: Max 120A
DC Output to 12V DC Socket: 10A
USB 2.0: [email protected]

Dimensions : 375 x 280.5 x 247mm
Weight : 19Kg
Operating temperature : -20°C to +60°C (2°C~60°C While Charging)
Warranty : 3 years
Battery Cycle Life : > 2000 cycles
Hibernation Mode Consumption: <100uA


The Energy Hub system is supplied with the following items:

  • Energy Hub
  • IH series power inverter based on option of
  • Energy Hub fixing kit
  • 3 x anderson (colour coded connectors ) and crimps to make up the 3 cables
  • Comms kit for connection to the IH inverter
  • Dry contact relay connections for DC and AC control
  • MEH controller with built in Bluetooth
  • RJ45 hub to enable connection to Solar controller (optional)

Optional Extras / Accessories

  • Cable Accessory pack (3x 1m – DC cable for Inverter, DC output and Alternator)
  • SP series solar controller
  • C13 DC distribution unit with dry contact control
  • 6R relay with dry contact control (simple alternative to C13)
  • CM2.0L Inverter-Charger

Energy Hub Brochure

User Manual

E-mark Approval


  • Commercial vehicles and fleets
  • Service engineers
  • Blue light vehicles
  • Remote fleet monitoring


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