PPT Powerpack 100+
PPT Powerpack 100+
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PPT Powerpack 100+

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Compact, lightweight and powerful…Exclusive All-in-one Li-ion powerpack 100+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it.


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Silent, lightweight and innovative portable power that’s perfect for off grid outdoor activities, cabins, glamping tents, garages, market stalls and for basic backup during a power cut. Typical applications and running times can be found here. New and Exclusive to PPT we introduce our most compact and light weight all in one powerpack to date.

Packed with features the powerpack 100+ delivers at every level providing AC and DC power easily and safely. Utilising the latest Lithium-ion battery technology the powerpack 100+ delivers 150 Watt hour of electricity both from its rated 100W AC modified sine wave inverter, high capacity 3 x 12V 10A (total) output and 2 x USB ports (3.1A total) making it ideal to power laptops, fans, LED lights, LCD TV, fanless PC system and charge mobile devices. Recharging in the powerpack 100+ is safe, quick and easy using the included AC adapter and 12V car adapter.

The Powerpack 100+ can also be recharged from solar using the supplied cable and up to a 30 watt solar panel.
Either of the following are great solar options:
20W Semi-flexible Panel
30W Semi-flexible Panel

The integrated LED display clearly displays battery and output status and the control panel allow simple selection of the different output options. The powerpack 100+ also has an on board ultra bright 39 LED panel with selectable lighting output (63 and 210 Lumens) to provide up to 72 hours of illumination.

Note:Car charging will be intermittent in smart alternator/EU6 vehicles due to the lower voltage alternator voltage at times. The powerpack 100+ minimum input voltage is 13.5V for charging. If in vehicle charging is important in your application and you have a newer vehicle then we suggest connecting the powerpack AC charger to one of our 300W inverters that can then be connected to the car DC socket and isn’t affected by the lower alternator voltage. Please call for further advice. Review our brochure to find out more about the Powerpack 100+

Modified Sine Wave
Ideal for off-grid & remote location
USB Output for charging mobile devices
All in one power solution

  • Small, quiet and ultra powerful – Lithium-ion battery provides 150 Watt Hour (Wh) of battery capacity
  • Lightweight but rugged design – weighs just 1.5Kg
  • Flexible output to cover all requirements – 230V AC (100W) / Triple 12V DC output (120W) / Dual USB output (3.1A total)
  • Quick and easy recharging – Supplied AC charger, DC car charger and optional solar charging (up to 30W)
  • Integrated LCD control panel display battery and output status
  • Solar charging compatible that lets you plug in up to 30W of 12V solar without external controller
  • USB ports for mobile charging and powering USB devices such as our Niwa USB powered lights
  • Integral super bright 39 LED light panel (Max 210 lumens)
  • Built in Multi safety protection – 5 levels that include short circuit, overload and over-temperture
  • Built in high temperature resistance LI-Polymer battery makes it safe to use even at 60 deg c
  • Included Accessories : AC charger, car charger, solar cable (MC4 compatible) and 12V to car DC socket adapter (to connect any appliances with 12V DC car plug

Input Voltage (AC charging) : 230V-15V 2A ( typical charging time 6-8 hours) 3.5 x 1.35mm connnector
Input voltage (DC charging – car) : 13V-22V 2A (typical charging time 6-8 hours) 3.5 x 1.35mm connector (Note EU6 alternators will not charge all the time due to the 13.5V min input voltage)
Input Voltage (Solar Charging optional) : 12V panel (13V-22V) @ Max 2A (typical charging time 6-8 hours) 3.5 x 1.35mm connector
Output Voltage (Inverter) : 230V 50Hz Modified Sine Wave through universal socket (UK/EU)
Output Power (Inverter) : 100W (continuous) 120W (Max)
Output Voltage (DC) : 3 x 12V DC (120W total continuous; 180W total max) 5.5 x 2.1mm connectors
USB Output : 2 x 5V @ 3.1A total
39 LED light panel : two illumination modes : 63 Lumens (Low) and 210 Lumens (High) Max 72 hours light
Dimensions : 165 x 80 x 175mm (L x D x H)
Battery Capacity : 3.7V @ 40.8Ah (150 Watt Hour)
Weight : 1.5Kg
Operating temperature range : -20 deg c to +60 deg c
Warranty : 1 year

  • What can it power?
    • Off grid outdoor activities such as fishing and camping
    • Glamping tents
    • Garages
    • Cabins
    • Market stalls to power lights
    • Exhibition stands to power lights, laptop payment machine
    • Small Power tool charging in vehicles
    • Remote CCTV and security surveillance
    • Wireless survey kit – Compatible with most access points
    • Back up and emergency power during power outage
    • Portable power for relief and rescue workers

9 reviews for PPT Powerpack 100+

  1. Mark Wooster (verified owner)

    The PPT Powerpack 100+ is ideal for providing power for our worldwide Wireless Network Surveys as it is allowed on all domestic and international flights as hand luggage. It is very small and light and easily fits in hand luggage. We use it to power our Cisco 3702 series wireless access points while we survey Factories, warehouses and Office buildings and I have ran our equipment on it for 8 hours and there is still 50 percent charge left so it can easily cope with a full days surveying. Very impressed with it.

  2. Dave Hannigan (verified owner)

    I am a “very” active Scout Leader, often on camp most weekends throughout the year. I purchased the PPT Powerpack 100+ with the light attachment, the light was sole illumination of our main Mess tent throughout a long weekend Winter camp recently providing more than enough light for all cooking, eating and socialising over the long weekend nights, it was also used to charge numerous devices and still had plenty of capacity had the camp gone on for longer. I will be on camp again this weekend and will be trying my own external solar charging panel (not that it will need it) … I would just like to know how good the PPT Powerpack 100+ is going to be when it accompanies us to Kandersteg this Summer. Good products deserve to be endorsed … and this is a good product.

  3. Mick Staines (verified owner)

    I use the PPT Powerpack 100+ as part of my small camper van setup. When I first received the powerpack, I was amazed that such a compact and lightweight unit could provide so many features, along with the power required to provide sufficient lighting, charging abilities for my phone and camera equipment. I have even powered my small coolbox, which is perfect for a small camper van on a weekend break or overnighter. I also like the ability to hook up a suitable solar panel, to keep the powerpack topped up, when in situ on a campsite etc. The unit comes with all the necessary leads, even an MC4 solar panel adaptor lead (nice addition). If you are looking for a small, lightweight, well built and reliable powerpack for your small camper or simply just for camping/outdoor use, I would seriously take a closer look at this unit. For anyone interested in seeing the unit in more detail, I have done a short video that you may find of use… Video Link > https://youtu.be/VCXRZR6robI

  4. Vicky & Will (VnW Travels) (verified owner)

    We are full timing in our campervan and after several emails to discuss the specifications of this product, we took the plunge and ordered it as an auxiliary source of power. The lead acid jumpstart box we’d been using was heavy, bulky and didn’t hold much power. The 100+ was a lot more expensive than a direct replacement but we’ve been using it for 6 weeks now and believe it is well worth the additional outlay. We can charge it from our 12V socket as we drive and charge our laptops, phones and DSLR camera from it with its dual AC socket (3 pin and continental), its cigarette lighter and USB sockets. We even ran the fairy lights on it at xmas! It is silent, lightweight and small and powerful – perfect for vanlife!

  5. Rob H (verified owner)

    I did some extensive tests on this battery system at the end of 2018 in order to assess its suitability for some specific cases and was very impressed. Given that the market seems flooded with very poor battery systems at the moment it was a genuine pleasure to receive something that was built to a high standard. Measured (new) capacity on our unit was around 120% of the advertised capacity on a (standard) 20hr discharge, standby current was very low, and the modified sine output did not cause any problems with the appliances I tried (some of which were known to misbehave on poorer inverters). The 240V charger appeared to meet UK safety standards and worked efficiently, and the LED light was good quality (bright, decent CRI and doesn’t visibly strobe). The casing and buttons felt solid and positive & the display was clear and concise. Customer service was great and tech help was at hand to answer questions promptly. I have no affiliation with portablepowertech and don’t normally write reviews, however credit where credit is due – this product is a rare example of a battery system built properly and was therefore a pleasure to test. I’d recommend this product to anyone needing a system with this specification.

  6. Paul Tranter (verified owner)

    Recently purchased this quality product from PPT. It not only arrived within 48 hours it came in a robust box and immediately upon opening the power pack was just what was required for my camping needs. The unit is made of robust high quality material. The power pack has several ports to recharge phone, lighting and for my needs a mobile cooler box The power pack also has the benefit and capacity to charge from a car and provide lighting as an external torch and power to a laptop when working outdoors. I would highly recommend the Powerpack 100+ for its practical utility, ease of use and PPT for its customer service

  7. P (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a powerful charging system to allow me to work 9 or 10-hour days remotely since lockdown make the office irrelevant, and home working got monotonous. Apple sold me a crappy charger that wasn’t even compatible with my laptop, and I had a few other false starts but this works perfectly. It’s easy to use and the sales team were happy to help out when I asked a series of dumb questions before and after purchase. It seems reasonably priced relative to competitors too. As I write I have one more hour of work to do and then I am off for a swim as I am parked near the beach enjoying the late summer sun, rather than stuck in the office at home, all thanks to the extended life of my laptop. 10/10!

  8. Kevin callaby (verified owner)

    It works perfectly and I’m powering an ever growing network of 5v devices and 18v Makita power tools via the 30w solar panel alone. Everything except my heating (shore line) comes via this power pack. 10/10.

  9. Mark Wooster (verified owner)

    The PPT Powerpack 100+ is ideal for providing power for our worldwide Wireless Network Surveys as it is allowed on all domestic and international flights as hand luggage. It is very small and light and easily fits in hand luggage. We use it to power our Cisco 3702 series wireless access points while we survey Factories, warehouses and Office buildings and I have ran our equipment on it for 8 hours and there is still 50 percent charge left so it can easily cope with a full days surveying. Very impressed with it.

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