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Pro Energy Pack

A powerful solution for in-vehicle applications.

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Introducing the new and exclusive

Pro Energy Pack

from TBB Power and Portable Power Technology

Hello, clean energy.

The Pro Energy Pack is designed from the ground up to replace heavy and inefficient on-board generator systems.

Utilising leading-edge technology to create an intelligent high power, in-vehicle solution.
Successfully reducing weight, install space, emissions and cost.

The perfect solution for all these applications and more.

The Power to Reduce Emissions.

The Power to Reduce Idle Times.

The clean and renewable alternative to generator reliant and drive shaft powered systems.

Reduce Payload. Reduce Fuel. Reduce Cost.

A system scaled to your power needs.

A modern solution for modern problems.

The Pro Energy Pack is designed to deliver high-power, high-energy storage and the fast recharging of auxiliary power, in vehicle.

Replace your heavy, expensive and inefficient generator or Power Take Off system (PTO), with a clean energy alternative.

Continue to power demanding loads such as air compressors, welders, electric stoves, and tyre balancing equipment with no compromise.

Utilising the Pro Energy Pack will reduce payloads, reduce fuel consumption, reduce your emissions and reduce running costs.

Increase your on board power equipment life with a flexible, industrial grade solution that works better for you, and our planet.

Maintenance Free.

No more upkeep. No more worries.

With class leading components and innovative design, the Pro Energy Pack is a solid state and highly efficient system that gives the power back to businesses on the move.

" PPT's ability to work along side our growth and innovate solutions to niche problems has been key to our business. Every product has exceeded expectations and kept us on the cutting edge allowing us to keep our business, trims and barbers running smoothly. "

Liam Scriven - Trim-IT
Chief Operating Officer

Tested, perfected and already deployed successfully in a number of challenging in-vehicle applications.

Our Pro Energy Pack is providing auxiliary power to numerous vehicles across the country. From private coffee caterers Café2U, to the mobile barber franchise, Trim-IT.

Stay future proof, forever.

Compact and Modular Lithium Battery Storage.

  • Clean and renewable 230V and regulated 12V DC power, in-vehicle
  • High power solutions available as a single or three phase configuration
  • Flexible and scaled to your power demands
  • Solid state technology ensures a long service life
  • Bi-directional DC to DC charging at 100A
  • Fast deployment and easily redeployed across fleets

Up to 15KW Single Phase Power.

  • Fast charging from AC and in vehicle allows more available energy and reduced waiting times
  • Maintenance free with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Solar ready with compatible TBB controller
  • Multi-Level Battery Protection maximises cycle life
  • High energy, high density lithium modules protected in reinforced metal casing

Intelligence & Excellence.

  • Fast and easy to configure and program via mobile APP and TBB Link
  • Real time data monitoring in the cloud of performance, use and fault conditions, and geo location with TBB Fleet
  • Intelligent communications including State of Charge (SOC) control and custom SOC warnings
  • Programmable Dry contact control (x2) for engine start signal and DC load control

The Pro Energy Pack
Exclusive to Portable Power Technology.

For any enquiries or to discuss your application, please call the PPT team for a friendly chat.


If your question hasn't been answered here, then feel free to get in contact with us directly.

Tech Specs

Kinergier CM3.0S

Kinergier CM5.0S

Sword (BI1248-1200)

Lithium Battery Modules

SolarMate MPPT Solar Controller


Pure Sine Wave
Ideal for Commercial vehicles
Smart Battery Charging
Easy to connect/install

  • High power – flexible and scalable system – parallel up to 3x inverter chargers and up to 12x lithium modules
  • Power more difficult loads in vehicle without generator
  • Intelligent communications
  • High energy, high density lithium modules – designed for in vehicle and protected in reinforced metal casing
  • Fast charging from AC and in vehicle – carry more energy and recharge it faster
  • Low weight
  • High efficiency
  • Long life time
  • Lower cost than conventional PTO system
  • Reduced engine run times = reduced emissions = green power
  • Remote monitoring (available 2021 via optional A7 touchscreen panel)
  • Regulated 12VDC @ 100A from bi directional battery to battery charger

Kinergier Pro Inverter Charger (3.0S) – for other varients refer to datasheet

Nominal input battery voltage : 48Vdc
Input voltage range : 42V-68Vdc
Output voltage and frequency : 230Vac +- 2%, 50 Hz +- 0.05%
Continuous output power at 25 deg c (W) : 2500 W
Peak Power (30 minutes): 3000W
Continuous output power at 40 deg c (W) : 2200 W
Peak Power (10 sec) : 6000W
Surge rating : 300% (2 seconds)
Efficiency : 95%
THD : <2%
Zero load power : 14 W
Overload protection : auto disconnect with 3 times restart attempt

Nominal output voltage : 48Vdc
Maximum output current (adjustable) : 40A
AC input range : 175Vac – 264Vac
Battery types : AGM/GEL/Flooded/OpzV/LiFePO4
Temperature compensation : YES

Other Data:
Transfer time : UPS mode 2ms (<15ms in weakgrid mode)
Transfer switch rating (50A) : 32A (AC1) 32A (AC2)
Programmable relay: 2 x
Comms Port : RS485 (Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN optional)
Dimensions : 499*272*145mm
Weight : 19 Kg
Standards : CE-EMC/CE-LVD/E-mark (coming soon)
Warranty : 5 years

For individual specifications on the Kinergier Pro please refer to datasheet or listed product in the inverter-charger section

Sword (BI1248-1200) in vehicle charger

Input voltage (booster mode) : 11.6V – 16V (smart alternator compatible)
Input voltage (buck mode) : 42V – 60V
Max input current (booster mode) : 100A
Max input current (buck mode) : 50A
Output voltage (booster mode) : Nominal 48Vdc, adaptive charging
Output voltage (buck mode) : 13Vdc
Max output current (booster mode) : 25A (1200W)
Max output current (buck mode) : 100A
Efficiency : Max. 94%, full load >91%
Standby consumption : <1mA
Protection : input voltage/output voltage, over temperature, short circuit – refer to datasheet
Working Temperature : -20°C to -60°C
Cooling : Thermal controlled fan
Protection : IP20
Dimensions : 281 x 200 x 85mm
Installation size : 305 x 200 x 95mm
Structure : Powdered steel
Comms : RS485 and CAN
Dry contact input/output
Weight : 3KG
Certification : CE/E mark

M48-50 Lithium battery modules (2 x recommended in Pro Energy Pack S3 – 4800Wh)

Nominal Voltage : 48Vdc
Nominal capacity : 50AH
Energy : 2.4KWh
Charging voltage @ 25°C : 52.5V-54V
Max.discharging current @ 25°C : 50A per module (2 x 50A with 2 in parallel etc)
Discharge cut off voltage @ 25°C : 42V
Max.discharge current @ 25°C : 50A
Operating temperature : Charging : 0°C to +55°C Discharging : -20°C to +55°C
Cycle Life: > 2500 at 100% DOD @ 25°C
Parallel capability : 12pcs (Call for advice on application >12)
Weight : 30Kg
Comms : CAN
Certification : CE/UN38.3
Dimensions : 368 x 216 x 343mm

  • Telecom service vehicles
  • Catering vehicles
  • Mobile tyre fitting vehicles
  • Mobile pet grooming vehicles