M12 Inverter Pack

The feature rich

M12 Inverter Pack

A powerful solution for medium scale applications.

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The Ultimate 12V-based system

The M12 Inverter Pack is an eco-friendly and intelligent power system, designed for professionals.

Complete with in-vehicle charging, automatic management and a simple to use touch screen display. Successfully reducing weight, install space, emissions and cost.

Ideal for use in all these applications and more.

The Power to Reduce Emissions.

The Power to Reduce Idle Times.

The M12 Inverter Pack offers a future-proof alternative to most generator based systems.

Allowing you to do your part for the planet by removing engine idling, without making any compromises to your workflow.

Maintenance Free.

No more upkeep. No more worries.

A modern solution for modern problems.

The M12 Inverter Pack offers the most sophisticated 12V auxillary power system on the market.

Providing high-performance at maximum efficiency in an easy to operate solution that's locally supplied, backed-up and continously supported by us, all within the UK.

Meaning even if the worst does happen, we've got you covered.

Stay future proof, forever.

Compact and Modular Lithium Battery Storage.

  • Clean and renewable 230V and regulated 12V DC power, in-vehicle
  • High performance Pure Sinewave Inverter ideal for power tools, battery pack recharging, CCTV systems and industrial lighting
  • Up to 3KW AC Output and 40KWh Energy Storage
  • Solid state technology ensures a long service life
  • Bi-directional DC to DC charging at 30, 45 or 60A
  • Backed-up by local support, all within the UK

Up to 15KW Single Phase Power.

  • Fast recharging from AC and in-vehicle charger allows more available energy and reduced waiting times
  • Maintenance free with a 5 Year Warranty
  • Solar ready with optional "Green priority" controller
  • Multi-Level Battery Protection maximises cycle life
  • High density lithium modules protected in reinforced metal casing
  • Built-in battery warmer for guaranteed use in cold climates

Intelligence & Excellence.

  • Easy to use and program via bluetooth mobile APP
  • Live data avaliable at a glance on C4 toucshcreen display
  • Intelligent communications including State of Charge (SOC) control and custom SOC warnings
  • Programmable Dry contact control (x2) for engine start signal and DC load control

System Schematic

M12 Inverter Pack

The Inverter Pack
Exclusive to Portable Power Technology.

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Tech Specs

Kinergier CM3.0S

Kinergier CM5.0S

Sword (BI1248-1200)

Lithium Battery Modules

SolarMate MPPT Solar Controller


Pure Sine Wave
Ideal for Commercial vehicles
Smart Battery Charging
Easy to connect/install

  • High power – flexible and scalable system – parallel up to 3x inverter chargers and up to 12x lithium modules
  • Power more difficult loads in vehicle without generator
  • Intelligent communications
  • High energy, high density lithium modules – designed for in vehicle and protected in reinforced metal casing
  • Fast charging from AC and in vehicle – carry more energy and recharge it faster
  • Low weight
  • High efficiency
  • Long life time
  • Lower cost than conventional PTO system
  • Reduced engine run times = reduced emissions = green power
  • Remote monitoring (available 2021 via optional A7 touchscreen panel)
  • Regulated 12VDC @ 100A from bi directional battery to battery charger
  • Telecom service vehicles
  • Catering vehicles
  • Mobile tyre fitting vehicles
  • Mobile pet grooming vehicles