300W 24V Power Inverter with USB
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300W 12V Power Inverter with USB

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Compact DC-AC Inverter powers your AC products from battery Ideal for laptops, televisions, DVD’s, games consoles or other equipment requiring less than 300W.

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Great Value with 2 Year Warranty

Our portable 12Vdc to 230Vac power inverter is perfect for running mains powered equipment up to 300 Watts from your car or leisure battery. Designed for safe and easy connection our wide range of inverters are perfect for those requiring power when “off grid” or for in vehicle use to power tools, computers, TV’s etc.

Added feature of USB port allows simple DC charging of mobile devices.

All our modified sinewave inverters come complete with battery leads

Trying to power a sensitive or inductive load? Our alternate range of pure sinewave inverters are best suited to those applications.

Our inverters are super efficient, SAFE and easy to use with lots of built in protection to provide peace of mind

2 Year Warranty

Modified Sine Wave
12 Volt
Great Value
Ideal for In-car

  • Compact, intelligent and efficient design
  • Input voltage 10VDC-16.5VDC for use with smart alternator systems
  • Soft start function helps drive more difficult loads such as energy saving bulbs
  • Integrated USB port for fast charging of mobile devices
  • Intelligent fan that detects temperature and load and turns on only when necessary
  • Excellent output regulation – +- 5% even with low battery and full load
  • Low battery warning
  • Overheating/overload/output short circuit protection and audible warning
  • Reverse polarity protection by fuse
  • Comes complete with both crocodile leads and DC plug set


Input: DC 10V-16.5V
Output AC: Voltage: 230Vac
Output DC (USB) : Voltage: 5Vdc @ 2.1A
Output Power: 300W continuous
Dimensions: 155mmx73mmx73mm
Weight: 0.9 KG

2 Year Warranty

  • Laptops
  • Small TV’s
  • DVD’s
  • Mobile phone
  • Computers
  • Lighting
  • Any appliances under 300W

14 reviews for 300W 12V Power Inverter with USB

  1. John Gray from Brighton (verified owner)

    Very quick service, brilliant little Inverter, powers Ttv in Minicoach perfectly.

  2. Robert Kemp (verified owner)

    This product has exceeded my expectations. My main use for this item is to power a pair of Logitech active speakers for my car. The sound quality is excellent and just as good as when the speakers are plugged into the mains. Also there is no background noise from a fan like some of the inferior models. The build quality looks solid and it was delivered the day after I ordered it. I can also use it to charge my phone or indoors with an old car battery to power a light.

  3. Jon Scoles from Portsmouth (verified owner)

    Great inverter which was swiftly and safely delivered. Use it to power and recharge 240v only electrical items on my boat. Seems very robust and certainly has met the requirement. Recommended.

  4. Peter Quinn from Burnley (verified owner)

    Smashing little item arrived on time and well packaged.Great for what we needed it for.

  5. J Emmerson from Boston (verified owner)

    Good service handy bit of kit

  6. Alan Smith from St Austell (verified owner)

    Nicely built and works well to keep our laptop and spare batteries topped up.

  7. Pauli Murphy from The Gyrocopter Experience, Rufforth Airfield, York (verified owner)

    Works perfectly and, in my opinion, the most intelligent aspect is that the fan will only start up if the inverter heats up, which it will only do if working very hard, so one is not subjected to a constant fan noise in an otherwise peaceful environment, such as one’s caravan or boat. Brilliant !
    – Also good communication from the supplier and prompt and efficient service. Thank you ! 🙂

  8. Anas Patel (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic little inverter which I’m using to power my Surface Go connected to a 11 year old 21 inch TV using a LiFePO4 battery. The fan hardly comes on unlike other inverters I own which use cheap noisy fans. This puts out very little RF so works fine with a couple of radio transceivers. The unit is tiny I can quickly throw this into a rucksack and keep my Surface Go powered up when out and about. The wide input voltage range is perfect for most battery types and this has a solid build quality and should happly run for many years. Some of my cheap inverters trigger overheat protection if using low wattage items but this runs like a champ with everything I’ve thrown at it. The supplied cig and battery cables are top quality as well. Using screw terminals lets me run a 12 gage bare wire cable to Powerpole connecter with no issues letting me easily power higher loads over 200W. Thank you for producing such a top quality small inverter. No other 300W inverter on the market comes close to this units size and performance.

  9. Alan Beckett (verified owner)

    My wife is disabled having artificial knees and heart failure so needs a motorscooter to get around. On holiday in France we were able to charge the scooter battery and several smaller items as we drove and always had full power to sightsee in towns. Brilliant!

  10. Colin K from Lancashire (verified owner)

    An Excellent little item.

  11. Michael Davie (verified owner)

    PPT proved excellent and very speedy advice on our needs which resulted in the purchase of 2 of these inverters. They were great – charging all the Apple products one might want while roaming the game reserves of Northern Botswana. I’d recommend them unreservedly, and PPT for their service.

  12. Ian Rae (verified owner)

    This product is ideal for providing 230V plug in car. It is worth the small premium over other manufacturers low end products where the fan only runs when working hard. The USB allows iPhone / iPad charging at the same time. The build quality seems good. Would highly recommend.

  13. Rob Summerfield (verified owner)

    Top product, runs quietly and does exactly what it says it will do, can’t fault it. Installed in a caravan, wouldn’t be without it. Excellent customer service as well.

  14. J roberts from cardiff (verified owner)

    powers the TV and i pad/phone batteries on or boat well

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