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Alfatronix 24VDC Battery to 24VDC Battery Charger 6A

Alfatronix ICi series Intelligent DC 24Vdc Battery to 24Vdc Battery charger with 6A Output


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The Alfatronix Intelligent battery chargers operate a four stage charging cycle from a DC input. Ideal when a requirement to charge one DC battery from another is needed and to provide independent power.

While many applications can be supplied using a standard voltage converter or stabiliser, sometimes there can be a requirement to charge one DC battery from another in order to provide independent power. The Alfatronix range of DC-DC chargers are configured to offer a four stage charging program that will ensure that batteries are charged to a maximum capacity providing long term reliable power.

These products come with many of the same safety and protection features and are also additionally designed to detect faulty batteries and dead cells. They will also ensure that they will not operate unless the source battery is attached to a charging source such as a vehicle alternator or mains unit. In this way,you can ensure that the charger will not allow unintentional draining of the source battery.


24 Volts
World Leading Manufacturer
Ideal for Industrial Applications
High Quality
Large Battery Charging

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