Redarc BCDC Core 40 Battery to Battery Charger
Redarc BCDC Core Series Battery to Battery Charger
Redarc BCDC Core Series Battery to Battery Charger
Redarc BCDC Battery to Battery Charger Comparison
Redarc BCDC Core 40 Battery to Battery Charger

REDARC BCDC CORE 40A DC Battery to Battery Charger

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REDARC BCDC CORE 40A 12V DC Battery to Battery charger – charge your aux battery on the move from both solar and alternator

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Portable Power Technology are the UK’s distributor for REDARC and are happy to bring to you their new range of battery to battery chargers.
The BCDC CORE – Designed and tested in Australia for the toughest conditions to provide easy and efficient in-vehicle charging of batteries.

The new REDARC BCDC CORE 40 is a 12V/24V input 40A output In-vehicle Battery to Battery charger. Incorporating dual input technology the BCDC CORE will easily and efficiently charge your 12V auxiliary battery on the move from your alternator and via solar by utilising the integrated MPPT controller.

The new CORE version of the highly acclaimed Redarc BCDC range of battery to battery chargers provides the same incredible quality at a more affordable price.
It continues to excel in DC-DC charging and it’s “green power priority” ensures that power generated from solar is always used first before supplementing any short fall from the vehicle alternator.

Available in either a 25A output or a larger 40A output.
These two new models of the BCDC CORE range serve to supplement the existing range of REDARC’s battery to battery chargers.

Both the BCDC CORE and Classic models can be used with both 12V and 24V conventional AND smart alternators (EU5/EU6) and is capable to efficiently and safely recharge lithium (LiFePO4) based auxiliary batteries. All common lead acid battery chemistries are also supported with their dedicated battery profiles.  (AGM/Sealed lead acid/Calcium).

The BCDC battery to battery charger range features a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, extracting the maximum amount of power from 12V solar panels to charge the auxiliary battery, even during low light conditions, when you’re parked.With no loud fans or relays and a small form factor, the BCDC Core can be tucked away, leaving room in the cabin for more important things. Don’t ruin the look of your interior with bulky electronics. Hide it under the rear floor, behind a side panel or under the seats and make your power set up look like it was meant to be there. 

Designed to handle the roughest tracks in outback Australia and adopted by all the major UK commercial vehicle converters, the BCDC won’t let you down and is suitable for installation in harsh environments or marine applications.

2 year warranty
Ideal for Commercial vehicles
Smart Battery Charging

  • Multi Stage 12V output Battery to Battery Charger
  • Compatible with both conventional and EU5/EU6 smart alternators (12V or 24V input)
  • Start Battery Isolator
  • Simultaneous DC and solar charging with green power priority
  • Integrated MPPT solar regulator – extracting maximum power from solar panels to charge aux battery
  • Rugged design from a world class manufacturer
  • Lightweight and compact – weighs just 900g
  • Easy and fast installation – fit and forget design
  • No fan for super quiet operation
  • Parallel capability
  • High operating temperature to 80 deg c
  • Charges AGM, Gel, Calcium content and Lithium (LiFePO4) 12V batteries
  • E Mark Certificate


Installation Type: In-cabin only
Input Voltage Range : 9V-32V
Maximum Charging Voltage (Absorption) : 14.6V/15.0V/15.3V/14.5V (A/B/C/Li)
Output Current : 40A
Integrated MPPT solar regulator : Yes
Input fuse Rating: 40A
Output fuse Rating: 40A
Standby Current Draw: <8mA
Working Temperature Range : -15 to + 80 deg c

Dimensions : 165 x 120 x 37mm
Weight : 0.9Kg
Warranty : 2 years

  • Emergency vehicles
  • Marine
  • Motor homes
  • Any requring in-vehicle battery to battery charging
  • Easy and efficient solar charging of in vehicle batteries
  • Commercial vehicles (smart alternator compatible)


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