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Pro Energy Pack

Highly innovative and powerful lithium module based solution to replace on board generator and PTO systems


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PPT and TBB are excited to introduce the NEW Pro Energy Pack. Designed from the ground up to replace heavy and inefficient on board generator systems, the Pro Energy Pack utilises leading edge technology and 48Vdc system voltage elements to create an intelligent on board high power solution reducing weight, install space, emissions and cost.

The Pro Energy Pack is made up from 3 main components:

Kinergier Pro 48Vdc inverter charger
Sword bi directional 12V-48Vdc battery to battery charger
Min. 2 x 48V 50Ah lithium modules

The Kinergier Pro inverter-charger delivers high reliability, performance and industry leading efficiency for mission critical application. Its distinguishing surge capability makes it capable to power most demanding appliances, such as air compressor, welder, vacuum cleaner, electric saw, freezer, electric stove, air conditioner and tyre balancing equipment

The Kinergier Pro can be used as standalone unit or can be used in parallel or to compose a three phase system. Available Kinergier Pro output power options are currently 3000W, 5000W and 8000W. An integrated LCD panel allows easy configuration, inverter input/output and system data. The Kinergier Pro S (48V) versions include a preprogrammed charging profile specifically to provide intelligent control of the lithium module BMS (M48-50) ensuring voltage, current, temperature etc are all monitored.

The M48-50 lithium modules are designed specifically for mounting inside a vehicle and utilise a protected metal reinforced structure. Using LiFePO4 cells, each module provides 2400 Watt Hour (WH) of energy with capability to parallel up to 12 units - deliverying a massive 28.8KWh of energy storage if required. Each module weighs only 30KG making them 3x lighter than conventional AGM batteries. 1C charging and discharging capability even under parallel configuration ensures the lithium modules can be fast charged and provide high discharge current to the inverter (2400W for every lithium module installed). The integrated shunt provides real time state of charge (SOC). As an example the Kinergier Pro 3.0S with integrated 40A charger when on grid can fully charge 2 modules (4800Wh) in just over 2 hours. CAN connection between each lithium module ensures safe, efficient and intelligent monitoring so maximising charge rates and life cycle - this allows 100% depth of discharge (DOD) without compromising battery and system life.

The Sword battery to battery charger completes the 3 main elements of the Pro Energy Pack - designed to provide fast in vehicle charging from smart (EU6) and conventional alternator, the Sword converts 12VDC (alternator output) to 48VDC at 25A (1200W) to charge the lithium modules when driving. Taking the example of two M48-50 in parallel (4800WH) the Sword can fully recharge in just 4 hours. The Sword is also connected to the CAN allowing communication and reporting between the Kinergier Pro, M48-50 lithium modules and in vehicle charger. As a Bi-directional battery to battery charger the Sword also provides a regulated 12VDC output when engine is off - converting 48VDC back to 12VDC at up to 100A allowing for DC loads to be connected to the system.
When engine is on any loads connected to the 12VDC output will be supplied directly from the alternator.

For the purposes of monitoring and control the MCK/MEH remote panel can be connected. This provides basic information to the user and allows remote on/off of the Kinergier Pro inverter charger.
The A7 touch screen panel (coming in 2021) will allow a complete user interface of all parameters, system configuration, real time status, time to go, history, consumption and remote monitoring (optional via Wifi, GPRS and 4G). A Bluetooth app will be available early in 2021. The A7 will also provide remote on/off of the entire system for power saving when not in use.

The Pro Energy Pack is designed to deliver high power, high energy storage and fast charging in vehicle - in doing so it replaces a heavy, expensive and inefficient Power Take Off system (PTO). Utilising the Pro Energy Pack will reduce payload, reduce fuel/emissions, reduce cost, increase on board power equipment life and provide a flexible and scalable solution. It can also be easily removed later and redeployed into another vehicle. Solar can also be added into the Pro Energy Pack using a TBB SP series MPPT controller. Connected via the system comms will also enable data to be collected and monitored.

Supplied with all elements preconfigured and CAN/comms cables provided - the Pro Energy Pack can be installed quickly and easily.

Call our technical sales team to discuss your application in more detail and we can advise on the most efficient configuration. 

Pure Sine Wave
Ideal for Commercial vehicles
Smart Battery Charging
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