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We have compact, rechargeable power solutions for utility, commercial and leisure vehicles providing both AC and DC.

At Portable Power Technology, we have a long history in the leisure vehicle market – caravans, RV and campervans, with our range of aftermarket solutions, enable free camping and extended time away from grid. Uprating your auxiliary battery to provide more energy storage is a good start on the journey of been disconnected for longer from conventional sites. We can guide you through the process of upgrading any integrated power system to enable inclusion of DC to AC inverters, solar panels and DC-DC charging. We will also soon be offering complete out of the box power management system for the RV market from TBB Power. This will provide all the necessary control protection and interface, enabling connection of all of the required loads to a single product for monitoring and control. This system will also have Bluetooth app, LCD colour screen and even remote monitoring.

Portable Power Technology works with many of the leading RV and custom builders to provide value added systems to them for integration during the build. As well as offering application and technical support we can also help you find a local and suitable expert for installation.

With more discerning customers now wanting to be off grid for longer and disconnected from grid during their journeys, the need to upgrade the standard fit power system is generally required. Many of the well-known RV manufacturers do not fit large energy storage systems in their vehicles nor the ability to recharge them quickly. Our new Vehicle Power Hubs are a vehicle based lithium battery product that are plug and play and have all the integrated protection, solar controller, DC-DC charging and inverter connection. This makes for a really cost-effective way to bring high storage capability and reduced weight into your campervan. For more complex solutions we offer inverter charger and lithium/AGM battery systems with control panel and Bluetooth app.

Our experience in working with both B2C and B2B customers in aftermarket and OEM solutions means we are highly capable and knowledgeable in leisure vehicle auxiliary power. We also work with leading distributors and resellers in the leisure markets.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Lightweight, portable lithium-based all in one powerpacks from 100W to 3000W AC output ideal for temporary and movable power in camper vans.
  • Large selection of DC – AC power inverters for easy and safe connection to your auxiliary power system.
  • Semi flexible, glass and folding solar panels and controllers to complement our solutions and extend stay
  • Portable Power Technology exclusive – Vehicle Power Hub enables fast and easy deployment of a lithium based auxiliary power system at a low entry cost.
  • TBB power management systems for integrated OEM solution for DC and AC power circuits

Our experience

We have worked and have experience in all the areas below and many more… and if your application is different call us for a chat – we love a challenge!

  • Camper van custom builders
  • RV manufacturers
  • Customer own builds or conversions
  • Bus/trailer conversions
  • Caravans
  • Leisure component resellers/distributors

Leisure Case Studies