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Bluelight vehicles

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Innovative and experienced.

Portable Power Technology has been supplying the emergency vehicle market with innovative and technology-leading power solutions for over 15 years.

Blue light vehicle solutions are typically locked down power management systems that control all aspects of power distribution and prioritisation of loads through the vehicle. These power management systems are typically designed in by one or two companies directly to the NHS trust responsible for ambulance specification. Our job is to offer ancillary components within the vehicle that will add to the efficiency and overall performance of the power system. Power distribution in emergency vehicles such as front-line ambulances is complicated but essential.

With the move to EU6 emergency vehicles, smart alternators (variable voltage output) now recharge the auxiliary power system when driving.  The ever-growing demand for on-board power means the migration to lithium-ion battery modules has already begun, enabling higher energy storage at reduced weight and faster charging from both DC-DC when driving and shoreline when back at base. Our 12V and 48V lithium modules designed for in vehicle installation, combined with our high-power inverter chargers and fast charging DC-DC solution, is increasing the life of the auxiliary power system, reducing emissions, lowering fuel consumption and allowing fast turnaround of frontline vehicles by recharging from shoreline in less than two hours.

We work with some of the leading blue light vehicle manufacturers in the UK and Ireland and are a prime supplier of power components and lithium-based systems to them. We continue to innovate and to bring new, efficient and intelligent solutions to these customers who demand the best in what is a critical application.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Increased on board energy storage
  • Reduced weight, emissions and increased life of equipment
  • Fast DC-DC charging compatible with smart alternators and our 12V and 48V lithium modules
  • Metal cased lithium modules designed specifically for install on board vehicles make for fast deployment
  • Proven and reliable high discharge and charging capability for fast turnaround of vehicles
  • Large range of power components used in blue light aux power systems
  • Extensive knowledge and technical support from our team and partners
  • Remote monitoring of the system for faults and onboard performance

Our experience

We have worked and have experience in all the areas below and many more… and if your application is different call us for a chat – we love a challenge!

  • Front line ambulances using lithium battery storage and fast charging
  • Patient transfer vehicles utilising our DC-DC charging solutions
  • Lithium based high power system for Command and control vehicle
  • Auxiliary power in police vehicles and mobile command trailers/welfare trailers
  • Covid-19 response and testing trailers
  • Power back up for medical and vaccine fridges

Bluelight vehicles Case Studies