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Innovative, market-leading.

We provide innovative, market leading, all in one lithium products across many applications and markets where portability and autonomous power is required.

Portable Power Technology has been at the forefront of powerpack innovation for many years. Our roots starting in 2013 with design and supply of AGM based powerpacks for rural communities in Ghana.

Technology has moved on hugely since then and we have been on that journey of change and innovation with our first lithium battery powered all in one solution in 2017.

Powerpacks open the way for people and companies to have energy on tap with no requirement for them to know more about the product – turn it on, use the energy – recharge! Since then, we have worked with our partners in Asia and curated our own ideas to bring a complete range of powerpacks to market covering many capacities and power outputs. Using lithium technology allows for fast charging, long lifetimes, reduced weight, and higher energy density. By including all the required features into a single product that can be easily deployed and carried, opens many new applications and opportunities that were previously unavailable due to complexity of cabling and weight from conventional battery technology.

All our powerpacks incorporate lithium iron cells, all include integrated DC-AC inverter, DC regulated outputs, USB 3.0, type C outputs and AC / solar charging capability.

Our largest today incorporates nearly 2900 Watt hour of energy and uses a 2000 watt DC-AC inverter and is still movable at 26 kg. As battery technology and energy density improve and the cost of lithium cells come down which means power pack products will continue to grow in popularity not just in the obvious leisure applications but in more professional and industrial markets where movable power needs to be deployed easily and recharged quickly.

The Portable Power Technology range of powerpacks find their way into all kinds of incredible applications that five years ago were out of bounds due to cost, weight and energy storage. Our team are highly skilled and knowledgeable in powerpack products and with portable power so readily available, the possibilities are endless.

Advantages of our solutions

  • Unique and exclusive design of many of our powerpacks including UPS mode for power back up
  • Large range of movable/lightweight powerpacks ranging from 100W to 3000W AC output
  • High quality and safe lithium ion battery technology yielding long cycle life
  • Extensive knowledge of using powerpacks in professional applications with optional solar
  • Fast charging AC and DC solutions for rapid re-deployment
  • Ongoing technical support and warranty including in house repairs
  • Large stock of powerpacks for immediate solution

Our experience

We have worked and have experience in all the areas below and many more… and if your application is different call us for a chat – we love a challenge!

  • Movable auxiliary power in vehicles
  • Powerpack solutions for service engineers
  • Portable and lightweight power DC and AC power for glamping tents
  • Portable power for high speed air supply to inflate patient transfer systems
  • Movable power for news gathering applications
  • Autonomous exhibition stand power
  • Power back up of high priority loads such as vaccine and medical fridges

Powerpack Solutions Case Studies