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Meaningful power.

We develop low cost and high-quality solutions for power back up in urban centres and meaningful daily power for off grid communities using solar as an energy source.

Portable Power Technology has been involved in offshore power projects for many years. In 2013 we developed Solar to Africa 400 which was a battery based all in one powerpack for deployment into off grid rural communities in West Africa. This movable powerpack provided meaningful energy when connected with external battery packs and folding solar array. Launched into Ghana via a local distributor the Solar to Africa 400 was used in several projects in Ghana and Guinea. Later the same product was deployed into rural communities in the Solomon Islands. Along with these stand-alone power products we have also supplied complete off grid and solar hybrid systems into urban homes in West Africa requiring power back up and/or running from solar and generator.

Our director Paul Mercer has a long-standing interest in alleviating energy poverty via solar based power and light products and we continue to look at how our solutions can be used in these scenarios. We still welcome opportunities and enquiries from customers and distributors in energy deprived areas of the world and how our products might help them.

Energy poverty and the use of kerosene lamps in many areas of Africa is costly in lives and in the environment and significantly reduces the number of hours that people can work, and children can study and be educated. Energy poverty does exactly what it says – it keeps people poor and trapped in a cycle.

Commencing September 2021, Portable Power Technology will support charities like Solar Aid who are directly involved in the deployment of solar based lights in Africa and we are member of Earthly promoting positive climate change and investing in projects that not only focus on conservation but actively create job opportunities, remove CO2 and increase economic output of the area.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Lightweight and portable solutions – 100W to 450W AC output to power small appliances and lights
  • All our solutions are solar rechargeable making them ideal for off grid applications
  • Safe, easy to use and long-lifetime products that provide entry level electricity for low power users
  • Extensive knowledge in power and solar based products for use in developing countries

Our experience

We have worked and have experience in all the areas below and many more… and if your application is different call us for a chat – we love a challenge!

  • Solar based off grid power for individual users in rural villages
  • Small to medium scale power back up and solar hybrid systems for urban homes
  • Power back up for medicine and vaccine refrigerators
  • Solar and battery-based systems to power teaching infrastructure in off grid schools
  • Simple but effective inverter-charger solutions for small homes requiring basic power back during power outage
    Partnering with co-operatives and commercial unions via distributors to sell powerpacks to government workers

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