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Portable Power Technology

Our Story

Here’s What Powers Us.

Welcome to the brighter side of things

At Portable Power Technology (PPT), we believe that no one should be left in the dark, even if you’re off-grid, off-line, or off on your next adventure.

PPT was founded by engineer and entrepreneur Paul Mercer and business angel Barbara Merry. With a background and passion for delivering power systems to alleviate energy poverty, we believe in providing innovative solutions that supply power from renewable sources, wherever and whenever it’s required.

We’ve been proudly providing power solutions for the past 15 years to different industries worldwide. Our power solutions have been used everywhere from glamping pods to ambulances, and we’re proud to know that through the years our brand has become synonymous with quality, engineering, and innovation.

Who we work with

Our clients are a unique blend, who all have one thing in common – the need for clean and renewable electricity where it is often unstable or unavailable. Most often, however, we’ve found that our work generally focuses on four main types of customers.

For the Adventurer

Off-grid doesn’t have to mean off-line. Our power sources are specifically designed to be portable for outdoor adventures. Think caravans, boats, glamping spots in the middle of nowhere – we’ll turn on the lights! We provide scalable and flexible solutions whenever and wherever clean and silent power is needed.

For B2C

At PPT our product range can be purchased via our own web shop. We also have solutions for smaller businesses and an infrastructure for resellers. We offer exclusive trade accounts too for easy ordering of our high-quality battery chargers, power inverters and our exclusive lithium based powerpack products

For Professional Markets

We provide reliable and uncomplicated power sources to utility and service vehicles and for off grid and power back up. This includes market-leading blue light vehicle manufacturers and commercial vehicle converters; – all removing the need for fuel-based and noisy generators.

For Developing Countries

We’ve developed power backup and solar products for urban and off-grid communities throughout Africa and the South Pacific. Have a look at our case studies to get an insight into our capabilities and what we are doing around the world.

Our team

We’ve got the perfect balance of technical know-how and creative genius.
Our technical team works alongside our design and manufacturing experts, to ensure our products aren’t only innovative but provide long-lasting quality. Our success and incredible growth stem from a passionate, and knowledgeable team enabling us to explain to our customers in layman’s terms the best solution that fits their application.

Our approach

At PPT, we succeed by taking a technical approach to our powerpacks, battery chargers, inverters, solar panels, and other power products, confident in knowing we always have the solution for your portable power needs. We also practice what we preach and as a company, we are dedicated to developing renewable power which is as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why one of our key values is to reduce our carbon emissions wherever we can.

Ready to get started?

We’d love to chat. If you have any other questions regarding our products or services, be sure to connect with us here or give us a call.

+44 (0)1474 761051

Highland Restoration – Northern Ethiopia

Carbon positive

We’ve joined up with Earthly to continuously contribute to carbon positive projects and to promote positive climate change. Through our contribution with Earthly, we are actively investing in projects that not only focus on conservation but create job opportunities, remove CO2 and meaningfully increase economic output of the surrounding communities.

See more of our work with Earthly

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