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Off grid and power back up

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Power anywhere.

Our products and solutions are used extensively on remote glamping sites, off grid work and warehouse stations – in fact anywhere electricity isn’t available. Call us with your application.

Wherever power is required off grid and in remote location we have a solution. That could mean temporary power for a specific period of time or even a solution that has to run 24/7 365 days a year. We have worked across many fields and applications – providing DC and AC power in glamping infrastructure as well as off grid backup in urban homes in West Africa and small solar based DC to AC products for off grid villages in Ghana. We also engaged in an education project in Ghana providing power to schools in off grid communities.

The challenges of all off grid applications will always be maintaining a supply of electricity without a generator. Clearly this may be impossible in certain cases depending upon day-to-day power requirements. Our innovative lithium based powerpack products provide an out of the box all in one DC and AC solution with a finite amount of energy storage before requiring recharge. All our powerpacks are rechargeable from solar, vehicle and grid. For off grid applications that only require temporary power, our powerpacks are cost-effective, safe, and easily movable, making them especially attractive for the glamping sector whereby the powerpack can be removed and recharged every visitor cycle.

Our more complex products for power back up and larger installations utilise inverter charger technology and bypass, enabling the support of loads when the grid fails and recharging the system when the grid reconnects. Partnered with solar, remote monitoring, load sharing and automatic generator control provides for a complete off grid or power back up and where larger power is required temporarily or at night.

The Portable Power Technology technical sales team have been helping customers with off grid power backup solutions for over 10 years, we know our business and our products and being the innovative company that we are, we continue to develop and source technology leading products and solutions ensuring we always offer the most competitive, efficient, and quality system available.

Advantages of our solutions:

  • Lightweight portable lithium based all in one powerpacks from 100 W to 3000W AC output.
  • Unique open ecosystem approach for complete system solution
  • Scalable off grid and power backup systems for small buildings and homes
  • Plug and play solar hybrid systems combining grid, solar and generator
  • Flexible and scalable solar based solutions
  • Vast industry knowledge of DC-AC/DC-DC and solar products and applications

Our experience

We have worked and have experience in all the areas below and many more… and if your application is different call us for a chat – we love a challenge!

  • Glamping tents/pods and sites
  • Beach huts and shepherds’ huts
  • Power back up of important loads
  • Off grid/remote classrooms
  • Remote training rooms
  • Welfare cabins
  • Road works lighting where generator is not accepted
  • Power back up for CCTV lighting, medicine fridge, 4G router etc including solar option
  • Power for exhibition stands

Off grid and power back up Case Studies