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Mercedes Sprinter high end conversion

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The Challenge

To provide a robust on-board electrical system for wild camping.

Our Solution

PPT were approached by a customer looking for an upgraded power system on-board a converted Merc sprinter.

The customer requested that the system was independent from the existing 12V and mains 230V electrical installation which already had the usual 12V distribution and mains hook-up circuit with 230V mains charging.

Due to the nature of the application mutiple charging sources were required – solar, DC-DC charging (split charge) and mains charging.

The customer wanted 2 independent solar systems, 1 for the new upgraded power system and then another for the existing 12V/hook-up installation.

A number of 230V loads where on-board – TV, microwave, electric hob, mobile device charging

After an initial discussion with a PPT engineer, a complete electrical system was designed to meet the customers demand.

The following products were specified:

  • 600W of solar ( 2 separate arrays of 300W made up of 6 x 50W panels)
  • 2 x 30A MPPT controllers with displays ( 1 for each solar array)
    Premium 15A battery charger
  • 3000W 12V modified sinewave inverter
  • Exide 140AH AGM battery (EP1200)
  • Redarc BCDC1220-IGN
  • Suitable cables and protection

The customer independently installed all components with the technical support from PPT and can now watch TV and cook dinner anywhere in the world! Multiple charging sources ensures that no matter where the van is, battery charging is available:

Parked up? – Solar charging
Driving? – DC-DC charging
Access to 230V? – Mains charging

If you are interested in a custom power system for your vehicle give the PPT team a call today!


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