PowerBlock 2500
PowerBlock 2500

PowerBlock 2500 (12V 200Ah)

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Exclusive slim line Lithium battery module (2500Wh) designed for in vehicle auxiliary power

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NEW and exclusive to PPT – PowerBlock 2500 Designed to bring all the benefits of lithium battery storage into a vehicle based aux power system, the PowerBlock is slim, robust and easily and securely installed. Utilising LiFePO4 lithium battery technology, the PowerBlock provides 2500 watt hour of high energy storage in a compact and lightweight package.

Clean and silent power wherever and whenever you want it AGM and conventional lead acid batteries limit depth of discharge, heavy and are sensitive to fast charging that quickly reduces life. Our new PowerBlock allows conventional 12Vdc batteries to be replaced with a solution that can deliver as much as 10x the cycle life, fast charging capability, 40% reduction in weight and a smaller profile.

Using Lithium battery technology (LiFePO4) the PowerBlock provides high energy density, higher usable watt hour capacity, fast charging capability and high cycle life – all major advantages especially in a service vehicle where kerb weight and engine run adds to a higher fuel consumption and increased pollution.

Protected in a strong metal case and with an easy to fit hold down system, the PowerBlock is designed to be quickly and safely deployed into service vehicles.

As well as conventional high current connection posts the PowerBlock also boasts extra ports to provide flexible DC power distribution. 2 x 50A anderson connectors provide for input from solar (via a suitable regulator) or DC-DC charger, 2 x USB ports (2.1A each) for mobile device charging and a 12Vdc 10A automotive socket to allow easy connection with off the shelf 12Vdc appliances.

The PowerBlock utilises a 250A battery management system (BMS) providing a 250A MAX discharge current capability and continuous rating of 200A allowing for connection to a suitable power inverter (12V-230V) or inverter-charger up to around 2300W (3000W for 5 mins) For detailed monitoring we would recommend the BMV700.

12 Volt
Ideal for Commercial vehicles
Great Value
Easy to connect/install
Superior watt hour performance

  • Portable, clean and safe Lithium (LiFePO4) battery provides 2500 watt hour of usable capacity – burn less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions when running high loads for long periods
  • Long cycle life – >2000 @ 100% depth of discharge
  • Lower weight, smaller size – Just 23.5Kg compared to >75Kg for AGM equivalent
  • Plug and play anderson connections provide multiple input/ouput configuration for DC distribution enabling fast and easy deployment
  • 250A max discharge capability – perfect for use with larger inverters (up to 2300W continuous)
  • 100A max charge capability – fast charge from AC/grid (using appropriate charger) in-vehicle DC-DC charging and/or solar
  • Parallel capability – up to 4 units (discharge current remains 250A)
  • Strong metal case with easy to install fixing system – designed for in vehicle use
  • Built in multi safety protection from BMS including over temperature, over current, low temperature, short circuit
  • 2 x USB output and 1 x 12Vdc 10A sockets for device charging and powering 12V loads directly

Battery Type : Lithium Ion – LiFePO4
Nominal voltage/charge voltage : 12.8V/14.6V
Battery Capacity : 200Ah/2500Wh
Discharge current : Continuous 200A (2300W continuous power inverter connection) Max. 250A (3000W power inverter – 5 minutes)
Charging options : Max. 100A (approx 1.5 hours)
Ports : 2 x USB (2.1A)/ 1 x 12VDC 10A socket/ 2 x 50A anderson (input/output)
Dimensions : 470 x 129 x 305mm
Weight : 25Kg
Operating temperature : -10 deg C to +50 deg C
Warranty : 2 years

Battery Cycle Life : > 2000 cycles

Supplied Accessories :

Terminal connectors + insulated terminal covers
Metal feet fixing kit with screws
Anderson connector covers

Powerblock 2500 Datasheet

  • commercial vehicles
  • Service engineers
  • Blue light vehicles
  • Motor homes
  • Camper vans


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