M48-100 TBB Power Lithium Battery
TBB Power M48-100 Lithium Battery
M48-100 TBB Power Lithium Battery

M48-100 lithium module (48V 100Ah)

48V 100Ah (4800WH) lithium module designed for in vehicle applications as part of the Pro Energy Pack


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The M48-100 lithium modules are designed specifically for mounting inside a vehicle and utilise a protected metal reinforced structure. Using LiFePO4 cells, each module provides 4800 Watt Hour (WH) of energy with capability to parallel up to 8 units – delivering a massive 38.4KWh of energy storage if required. Each module weighs 40KG which still makes them lighter than a conventional AGM battery bank.

1C charging and discharging capability even under parallel configuration ensures the lithium modules can be fast charged and provide high discharge current to the inverter (4000W for every lithium module installed). The integrated shunt provides real time state of charge (SOC). As an example the Kinergier Pro 3.0S with integrated 40A charger when on grid can fully charge 1 module (4800Wh) in just over 2 hours.

CAN connection between each lithium module ensures safe, efficient and intelligent monitoring so maximising charge rates and life cycle – this allows 100% depth of discharge (DOD) without compromising battery and system life. Utilised in vehicle as part of the Pro Energy Pack solution these modules can also be fast charged from the Sword (Bi1248-1200) bi directional battery to battery charger which provides up to 1200W from any 12V vehicle alternator capable of supplying 100A+ M48-100 Lithium module datasheet

World Leading Manufacturer
Ideal for Commercial vehicles
Easy to connect/install
Superior watt hour performance
Rugged Design

  • High energy, high density lithium modules – 4800Wh usable
  • Designed for easy deployment in-vehicle with included floor fixings
  • Reinforced metal casing for mobile applications
  • 1C charging and discharging capability per module
  • Parallel capability – up to 8 modules with additive discharge current (i.e 100A + 100A + 100A etc)
  • Fast charging from AC and in vehicle – carry more energy and recharge it faster
  • Optimised weight – 40Kg per module
  • Built-in heating element – ideal for winter months
  • Partial state of charge tolerant (PSoC)
  • Very low self discharge rate
  • Exceptional voltage stability
  • Long cycle life : >3000 at 100% DOD
  • Built in active BMS with automatic balancing and protection
  • Intelligent communication via CAN
  • Low total cost of ownership over cycle life
  • Compatibility with Pro Energy Pack

Nominal Voltage : 48Vdc
Nominal capacity : 105AH
Energy : 5.04KWh
Charging voltage @ 25°C : 52.5V-54V
Max. Charging current @ 25°C : 53.2A
Discharge cut off voltage @ 25°C : 42V
Max. Continuous discharge current @ 25°C : 90A (Peak 100A for 30 min)
Operating temperature : Charging : 0°C to +55°C Discharging : -20°C to +55°C
Cycle Life: > 3000 at 100% DOD @ 25°C
Parallel capability : 8pcs (Call for advice on application)
Weight : 40Kg
Comms : CAN
Certification : CE/UN38.3
Dimensions : 505 x 200 x 318mm

  • Utility vehicles
  • Telecom service vehicles
  • Catering vehicles
  • Mobile tyre fitting vehicles
  • Mobile pet grooming vehicles


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