Cotek CX1280 Advanced Battery Charger GRADE B

Cotek CX2425 Advanced Battery Charger

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The Cotek CX 25A 3-stage battery chargers are microprocessor controlled for fast and accurate charging of all deep-cycle batteries.

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We are excited to introduce the new CX series of battery chargers from Cotek. The advanced and programmable 3 stage chargers are ideal for charging and maintaining all types of batteries including Lithium-Ion.

Compact and powerful they offer silent operation and multiple isolated outputs making them ideal for marine, commercial and blue light vehicle installations

Comes with 2 Year Warranty

2 year warranty

World Leading Manufacturer

Ideal for Commercial vehicles

High Quality

Smart Battery Charging

  • Universal AC Input with active PFC
  • Suitable for all types of lead acid batteries: Wet, GEL, AGM and Li-ion
  • Three isolated outputs for charging dual battery banks
  • User Programmable charging curve (separate program unit required)
  • Support remote controller CR-1 as optional accessory
  • Thermo control regulates charge current in hot or enclosed conditions
  • 2 stage fan speed control (sleep mode)
  • No worries about overcharging or undercharging battery, designed for long term connection
  • The Micro-processor constantly monitors the battery condition from initial checking, conditioning or soft start if necessary, to bulk, absorption and float charges.
  • Built in battery rescue function
  • Can withstand 2G Vibration test
  • Protection short circuit /cover voltage /over temperature
  • 2 year warranty

Input : 90-264V AC
Max Output : 29.4V @ 25A max
Dimensions: 272mm x 213mm x 77mm
Weight: 2.9 Kg

Comes with 2 Year Warranty

  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Motor-homes
  • Boats
  • General deep cycle battery charging


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