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PPT Powerpack 300+

Compact, lightweight and powerful...Exclusive All-in-one Li-ion Powerpack 300+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it


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Quiet and innovative portable power thats perfect for off grid outdoor activities, cabins, garages, market stalls and for backup during a power cut.

The Powerpack 300+ is a small and powerful Lithium-Ion battery generator providing 465 Watt hour of energy capacity in a unit weighing just 3.7Kg. Developed exclusively by PPT using our extensive knowledge in power inverter design the Powerpack 300+ delivers an All-in-one power solution that provides AC and DC power.

The clean pure sinewave 230V inverter powers all your AC appliances and loads up to 300 watts - TV's, laptops, computers, surveillance cameras, fridges, lights, small pumps, electric garage doors.... to give just a few examples.

Typical applications and running times can be found here

The integrated transfer switch makes it an ideal power back up solution as well, automatically transferring from grid to internal battery in only a few milli seconds meaning no interruption to critical power when required.

Easily and safely charged from the wall using the internal 7A charger the Powerpack 300+ is also solar ready. Just connect a compatible solar panel such as our 100W Folding Solar Panel using the supplied accessory cable and recharge... up to 350W or 20A of solar power without any need for an external solar controller.

Our new model now includes a separate 12V dc output socket that can supply up to 10A. The supplied anderson connector to 4 way adapter cable allows easy connection of 12V products using conventional 12VDC car plug or by industry standard 2.1 x 5.5mm used on CCTV, DSL routers, lighting products and many others. Call us if you want to use 12VDC loads but are unsure of the best connection type.

Last but not least two USB ports for charging or powering mobile devices and a integral 2W LED lamp. The Powerpack 300+ is a fully featured portable power solution like no other.

We offer 110V output version for industrial applications and options for metal housing and/or waterproof rugged case. Please call for more details

Pure Sine Wave
Ideal for off-grid & remote location
USB Output for charging mobile devices
Innovative Design

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