PPT 40A-12V/24V/6V Battery charger

New range of user selectable output voltage smart battery chargers. Compact, highly efficient and suitable for all battery types


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PPT are excited to introduce the all new generation of user selectable output voltage battery chargers. Designed to provide a one charger solution for all battery types and voltages, the PPT-580 is a ground breaking product thats makes any battery charging easy and effective.

The PPT-580 provides an output charging current of 40A at 12V, 20A at 24V, 8A at 6V and can be safely used to charge AGM, Gel and Li-Fe batteries.

Compact and highly efficient the smart integrated display indicates all the key information during the charging process and once programmed for the battery type and voltage the PPT-580 will always start in that profile.

The 8 stage charging profiles ensures optimium charging of your battery bank and a selectable repair mode allows recovery of old batteries that are under voltage.

The PPT-580 also has a unique jump start function to help start a car engine with a flat battery

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High Quality
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Smart Battery Charging
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