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PPT Powerpack 100+, Niwa Home 300 USB Lamp and 20W 12V Semi Flexible Solar Panel

Small solar rechargeable off grid power and lighting kit


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This off grid power and lighting solution is perfect for camping, fishing and glamping!

This kit is comprised of our very popular and innovative Powerpack 100+, the fantastic NIWA Home 300 USB light and the highly efficient 20w 12v Semi Flexible solar panel. The NIWA Home 300 is a very efficient and bright low power LED lamp meaning that the powerpack can keep it running for over 42 hours and with a solar recharge possible in 6-8 hours, this really is a complete off grid solution!

Information on each product is available below:

Powerpack 100+

New and Exclusive to PPT we introduce our most compact and light weight all in one powerpack to date. Packed with features the Powerpack 100+ delivers at every level providing AC and DC power easily and safely.

Utilising the latest Lithium-ion battery technology the Powerpack 100+ delivers 150 Watt hour of electricity both from its rated 100W AC modified sine wave inverter, high capacity 3 x 12V 15A (total) output and 2 x USB ports (3.1A total) making it ideal to power laptops, fans, LED lights, LCD TV, fanless PC system and charge mobile devices.

Recharging in the Powerpack 100+ is safe, quick and easy using the included AC adapter and 12V car adapter. The Powerpack 100+ can also be recharged from solar using the supplied cable and up to a 20 watt solar panel (ideal accessory available here)

The integrated LED display clearly displays battery and output status and the control panel allow simple selection of the different output options.

The Powerpack 100+ also has an on board ultra bright 39 LED panel with selectable lighting output (63 and 210 Lumens) to provide up to 72 hours of illumination.

NIWA Home 300 Lamp 

The Home 300 Lamp is designed to be used with the NIWA Home 200 X2 Modular Solar System but it can be also used as a stand alone USB light. It's easily powered from any USB socket found in many other products such as laptop, computer, phone charger, power bank etc making this a really flexible lighting solution.

The lamp has a huge 300 lumens light output and can be adjusted by the innovative slider switch. The switch can be mounted to the wall and used to roll up and store excess of the 4 meters of the supplied cable.

The lamp has 4 lighting modes starting at 20 lumens and going up to a massive 300 lumens.

The NIWA Home 300 Lamp has a quick-fix strap to hang for secure placement and is dustproof and waterproof

20W 12V Semi Flexible Solar Panel

Our new generation of PPT semi flexible solar panels are made of back-contact solar cells offering much higher efficiency (up to 25%) compared to standard solar cells making this the smallest and most efficient 20W solar panel available in the world.

Made from reinforced aluminium material the 20W flexible solar panel is extremely strong and robust and will have a long service life compared to other types. The construction prevents cracking, delamination and corrosion and it can be walked on making it ideal for decks on boats.

These panels are extremely light weight compared to conventional panels and can be mounted by bonding to the surface using double sided tape or screws/bolts.

Ideal for permanent outdoor use to provide free electricity for charging 12V batteries on boats, caravans, motorhomes and off grid or remote areas for back up power and lighting such as in glamping tents and pods or where space is restricted.

Ideal for off-grid & remote location
High efficiency solar charging
All in one power solution
High Brightness

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