NIWA Energy Upgrade NIWA Energy Upgrade

NIWA Energy Upgrade X2

Energy and output upgrade kit to easily expand the Niwa Home 200 X2 Solar System


£89.99 (inc. vat)

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The Energy Upgrade X2 is a system to easily add additional power to the Niwa Home 200 X2 found here.

The upgrade pack will simply expand your Home 200 X2 giving it double the battery capacity and an additional solar panel to help ensure speedy charging.

NIWA systems are designed to be completely modular and easily expandable making it the perfect product range to fit your needs. NIWA can be expanded indefinitely.

The upgrade includes:

If you need more lighting- the fantastic USB lamp can be found here

Ideal for off-grid & remote location
High Quality
High efficiency solar charging
USB Output for charging mobile devices
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

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