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M48-50 lithium module (48V 50Ah)

48V 50Ah (2400WH) lithium module designed for in vehicle applications as part of the Pro Energy Pack


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The M48-50 lithium modules are designed specifically for mounting inside a vehicle and utilise a protected metal reinforced structure.

Using LiFePO4 cells, each module provides 2400 Watt Hour (WH) of energy with capability to parallel up to 12 units - deliverying a massive 28.8KWh of energy storage if required. Each module weighs only 30KG making them 3x lighter than conventional AGM batteries.

1C charging and discharging capability even under parallel configuration ensures the lithium modules can be fast charged and provide high discharge current to the inverter (2400W for every lithium module installed). The integrated shunt provides real time state of charge (SOC). As an example the Kinergier Pro 3.0S with integrated 40A charger when on grid can fully charge 2 modules (4800Wh) in just over 2 hours. CAN connection between each lithium module ensures safe, efficient and intelligent monitoring so maximising charge rates and life cycle - this allows 100% depth of discharge (DOD) without compromising battery and system life.

Utilised in vehicle as part of the Pro Energy Pack solution these modules can also be fast charged from the Sword (Bi1248-1200) bi directional battery to battery charger which provides up to 1200W from any 12V vehicle alternator capable of supplying 100A+

M48-50 Lithium module datasheet

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