CLT Powerpack 400

Lightweight, portable and expandable the CLT 400 is an all in one power product for the more demanding user.


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The CLT Powerpack 400 is an outstanding value all in one portable AC/DC power source. It provides emergency LED lighting, is solar rechargeable and expandable thus allowing additional batteries and lights to be fitted easily.

The CLT 400 allows you to power small appliances, lighting, stereos, laptops, portable DVD players and TV's. With one AC outlet and one DC socket the Powerpack can run a variety of devices while delivering a maximum of 400W of power. It also includes a built in LED light, 12V light adapter for additional lights (purchased separately) and the ability to recharge using a solar panel…all from one unit.

Increase the amount of energy at your disposal by adding external batteries using the cables included.The built in solar regulator enables up to 150W of solar panels to be used as a charging source. The CLT400 is designed to meet the users growing demands, with a number of additional products available the CLT400 is a unique and efficent portable power solution that offers features that many rival powerpacks can't.

The ultimate power product for caravanners, motor home owners and anybody who enjoys outdoor activities or need off grid power .

Included in Box:
CLT400 unit
1 x LED lighting adapter - Connects to 12VDC socket. Allows up to 5pcs of CLT led light strips to be connected
1 x External Battery Cable - Extend your capacity by adding another battery (external battery not included)
1 x Solar panel cable - Recharge your system using solar with this 5 metre cable (panel not included)
Spare fuses

This product is now obsolete, please see our fantastic alternative here 

Ideal for off-grid & remote location
USB Output for charging mobile devices
All in one power solution
Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

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