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120W 12V Folding Solar Charging Kit For Caravans, Boats & Motorhomes

120W 12V monocrystalline folding solar panel kit is perfect for outdoor use to provide free power either directly or for charging a 12V battery


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PPT only uses high quality solar cells of German origin to ensure you get great performance in low light conditions (particularly compared to "no-name" / "no-brand" solar cells of unknown origin) and they produce a good amount of power even without direct sunlight, such as in the morning or evening, or in cloudy weather.

This high quality waterproof 120W folding solar kit is designed to provide free power for charging 12V batteries, for example in vehicles and boats (motorhome, caravan, camper, narrow boat, yacht etc) or any other system with a 12V battery or battery bank. It comes with everything needed for battery charging: advanced 10A 12V solar charge controller, 5m cable with a battery plug, fuse and crocodile clips. You can start using the kit in seconds - just connect it to your battery and place the solar panels in a well-lit area.

The kit comes with a stand which is very easy to set up and fix. A handle and latches ensure ease of storage and portability. Storage case included with the kit is made with a layer of foam, so it will protect the glass and the frame well and prevent any accidental damages. In addition, corners of solar panels are protected by plastic which reduces the risk of damage and makes design look beautiful.

10A waterproof solar charge controller included with the kit will protect your battery from over-charging (it measures state of charge of your battery several times per second). The controller has many other protection functions, such as stopping reverse current at night (from the battery back to the solar panel), incorrect polarity and short circuit protection. Controller uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology which increases charge acceptance and prolongs the life of your battery. PWM technology can also recover some lost battery capacity.

The kit is suitable for sealed, gel and flooded 12V batteries (solar charge controller allows battery type selection for maximum efficiency of charging). A user manual is included with the kit (advanced users will also benefit from a separate detailed manual for the solar charge controller).

12 Volt
Ideal for off-grid & remote location
Great Value
Easy to connect/install
High efficiency solar charging

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