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Our selection of light-weight and reliable power and light products designed for use in camping, glamping sites and outdoor activities.

To help you keep your devices powered when you aren’t connected to a mains supply, we have a selection of powerpacks, inverters, quality leisure chargers and efficient solar solutions—designed to substantially extend your time off grid and provide lighting and power.

Our range of NIWA solar systems are ideal to provide fast install of lighting and USB charging facilities on glamping, camping and festival sites.

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NIWA Home 200 X2 Modular Solar System

£134.50 - In Stock

Modular and expandable solar lighting system with high power USB & LiFePO4 battery
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NIWA Energy Upgrade X2

£73.00 - In Stock

Energy and output upgrade kit to easily expand the Niwa Home 200 X2 Solar System
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NIWA Home 300 Solar Lamp

£34.99 - In Stock

High Brightness Home USB LED Lamp with wall dimming switch & cable roller
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NIWA Multi 300 XL Solar Light

£59.99 - In Stock

Ultra high brightness rechargeable solar LED light and mobile phone charger
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PPT Powerpack 100+

COMING SOON .....Compact, lightweight and powerful...Exclusive All-in-one Li-Po Powerpack 100+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it
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PPT Li-ion Powerpack 300+

£475.00 - In Stock

Compact, lightweight and powerful...Exclusive All-in-one Li-ion Powerpack 300+ delivers AC and DC power wherever and whenever you need it
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CLT Powerpack 400

Lightweight, portable and expandable the CLT 400 is an all in one power product for the more demanding user.
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600W 12V Power Inverter

£70.99 - In Stock

Compact DC-AC Inverter powers your AC products from battery. Ideal for kitchen equipment, power drills or other equipment requiring less than 600W.
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Exide Marine 80Ah (ER350)

£89.99 - In Stock

Maintenance free 80Ah sealed deep cycle leisure battery for caravans and boats - National Caravan Council approved
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PPT Powerpack 400

£194.99 - In Stock

Lightweight, portable and expandable the PPT 400 is an all in one power and lighting product for off grid and power back up
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