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Inverter-chargers incorporate inverter, high current charger and transfer switch into a single unit. The TBB Energier and NEW Kinergier Pro use a low frequency transformer design and pure sinewave output, making it more reliable and resilent to high surge inductive loads especially at higher power. An ideal solution for catering and utility vehicles requiring fast AC charging when back at base or in power back up applications. Being fully configurable and programmable the class leading Energier and Kinergier Pro are also ideal as an off grid or self consumption solution where solar will be the primary energy source, only switching to grid or generator when the batteries can no longer support your loads.

Combined with our range of lithium battery modules (48V) the Kinergier S versions make up a high power, intelligent and reduced weight power system for in vehicle use to replace PTO solutions.

If you’re unsure what inverter is suitable for your application, get in touch with our expert technical and sales team for advice.

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Energier Pro 800VA 12V Inverter-Charger (CF0825L)

£503.99 - In Stock

High efficiency 800VA Inverter-Charger designed for solar hybrid system, off grid applications and power back up
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