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Published on: New Products

Introducing the 1000R-LF

Welcome the PPT 1000R-LF

Our brand new powerpack the 1000R-LF comes with a sleek and slim profile, providing a massive storage of 1400Wh all in a lightweight and easy to carry powerpack.

With an inverter of up to 1000W, you can comfortably run larger loads like fridges and electric fans, as well as keeping your mobile devices topped up while off-grid.

This powerpack is much more akin to our commercial grade technology as it uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery system, as seen within the our Vehicle Power Hubs, Power Blocks and Pro Energy pack solutions.

LiFePO4 gives the 1000R-LF a much longer lifetime than traditional lithium batteries with 1000s of cycles, making this a reliably stable and higher quality powerpack, ideal for professional applications.

Furthermore the 1000R is also a perfect camping solution for short trips away where mains power isn’t readily available.
With 9 DC outputs and 2 AC sockets, you can potentially have up to 11 devices connected at once.

With a built in MPPT controller, the 1000R-LF is solar ready and only needs a 12V or 24V PV source connected in order to start charging (up to 240W).
Cables are provided for solar charging, in-vehicle charging from a DC socket, as well as a USB Type-C cable meaning no additional accessories are required.

What sets this powerpack apart from the rest is it’s automatic shutdown mode in which you can set the powerpack to completely shut off, once it detects that no loads are drawing power.

You can read more information on the 1000R-LF here;

PPT Powerpack 1000R-LF



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