Disaster and Emergency Preparedness

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Our selection of products designed to help get you through power outages.

To keep you prepared for times when light and power might not be available, our low power inverters are simple use. Connect them to small batteries and easily recharge laptops and mobile phones.

Our small power banks make it convenient to charge your mobile phone from USB or solar power. The CLT 400 is a solar rechargeable DC/AC system that’s flexible and scalable to provide both power and light off grid.

Use our Sun King™ range of lights to help you respond to any accident or natural disaster with long-lasting light and phone charging capability.

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Sun King PRO 'All Night' Solar Powered Light and USB Phone Charger


The award winning, rugged and powerful Solar Light that also charges your phone
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Sun King Solo Solar Light

£19.99 - In Stock

Two long-lasting lights in one; the most efficient Solar Light for general use
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Sun King Eco Solar Light


The affordable and reliable solar powered light
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CLT Powerpack 400

Lightweight, portable and expandable the CLT 400 is an all in one power product for the more demanding user.
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Exide Marine 80Ah (ER350)

£89.99 - In Stock

Maintenance free 80Ah sealed deep cycle leisure battery for caravans and boats - National Caravan Council approved
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300W 12V Power Inverter with USB

£33.50 - In Stock

Compact DC-AC Inverter powers your AC products from battery Ideal for laptops, televisions, DVD's, games consoles or other equipment requiring less than 300W.
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15 LED Light Strip

£25.00 - In Stock

Super bright and efficient 12V LED light strip ideal for boats, caravans and remote buildings.
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NIWA Multi 300 XL Solar Light


Ultra high brightness rechargeable solar LED light and mobile phone charger
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PPT Powerpack 400

£194.99 - In Stock

Lightweight, portable and expandable the PPT 400 is an all in one power and lighting product for off grid and power back up
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