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The BBC have used Sun King pro as an example of eco charging in a recent article

As UK and Europe distributors of the Sun King range, we were very excited to see that the Sun King pro was mentioned as an example of off grid power.

The article is about our increasing dependence on mobile phones and their limited battery life from all the added apps and features we have today. The Sun King pro offers a fantastic solution to keep our phones in action with the ability to charge via USB from solar power only.

Speaking of Sun King’s popularity in Africa, Radhika Thakkar, VP of global business development, said:

"So many off-grid households in East Africa told us light is nice to have, but mobile phones are now a necessity."

It looks like the brand is going from strength to strength as many people recognise the importance of solar in our ever-connected world. Take a look at our range of Sun King products.

To find out more about solar charging, read the article in full.

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