Powerpack 300+

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A brand new PPT product!

PPT Li-ion Powerpack 300+
PPT Li-ion Powerpack 300+

We are very proud to introduce our brand new product: The Powerpack 300+

Compact, lightweight and powerful! Our new all-in-one Powerpack 300+ delivers AC and DC power wherever you are.

The Powerpack 300+ consists of a 300w pure sinewave inverter, a 465 Wh (watt hour) Lithium-Ion battery and an integrated AC charger all weighing in at 3.7kg! The system is also solar charging compatible so you can plug in up to 350W of solar panels without an external controller. The Powerpack 300+ has a UPS function that provides automatic transfer of load to battery without interruption during a power cut.

The system is ideal for all off grid locations and is perfect for charging all your essentials via the two USB ports.

The Powerpack 300+ is ideal for:

- Off grid outdoor activities such as fishing and camping
- Garages
- Garden Sheds/Log Cabins
- Market stalls
- Exhibition stands
- Power tool charging in vehicles
- Remote CCTV and security surveillance
- Back up and emergency power during power outage
- Portable power for relief and rescue workers

The perfect device for keeping you powered wherever you are!

We are really proud to add our new high quality, versatile Powerpack 300+ to our product range. Please find more information on it here or call us on 01474 761071 to talk to one of our engineers. 

Datasheet here

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