Powerpack 300+ and Portable Power in Action!

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Our offices are in a prime location for the need of portable power

Powerpack in action
Powerpack in action
Powerpack in action 2
Powerpack in action 2
Powerpack in action 3
Powerpack in action 3

PPT’s head office is based in West Kingsdown in Kent and our village seems to be notorious for power cuts.

On Thursday we were annoyed to find a blackout throughout our office…

Did we stress? NO
Did we give up and go home? NO
Did we all need a coffee? ABSOLUTELY

So, what did we do I hear you cry!

First things first, we unboxed a Sun King PRO solar light and LET THERE BE LIGHT!  

We unpacked our brand new Powerpack 300+ and set up our Wi-Fi router and computers. As this is an all in one system, we didn’t need anything else! No batteries to connect up! All it took was a ‘plug in’ and a ‘turn on’ and we were away!

With lots of moaning we convinced our resident power genius- Dave, to sort us out a system to power a kettle as by this point we were considering eating raw coffee granules to get our fix.

As we didn’t have a low wattage travel kettle, Dave needed a high wattage inverter to power our kettle. Dave used a 3000w Modified Sinewave inverter and hooked it up with the included cables to one of our reliable AGM batteries.
Within a few minutes we were all enjoying a strong coffee and catching up on our emails.

Without portable power we wouldn’t have been able to work at all. Our products meant that we could run the important appliances in our office and not lose a day of trading.


Would a power back up system be useful for you too? Call us on 01474 761 051


All the links to the products we used are below:
Powerpack 300+
3000w 12v modified Sinewave inverter
Exide AGM 180Ah (EP1500)
Sun King PRO Solar Light

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