Carbon Neutral

Our Carbon Offset
Our Carbon Offset

As a company dedicated to developing renewable power which is as environmentally friendly as possible, we aim to reduce our carbon emissions wherever we can.

Our UK shipping partner, Interlink Express, are completely carbon neutral through their "Total Zero" program. This means we aren’t contributing further CO2 emissions when we send our parcels through their network.

To neutralise any of our remaining emissions, we’re also participating in the BP Target Neutral program by investing in carbon reduction projects elsewhere in the world.   

We currently offset close to 100 tonnes of CO2—that’s the equivalent of driving a car 100K miles, quarterly customer and supplier visits to West Africa and Asia and the transport of our goods from suppliers by Air or Sea Freight every month.

Carbon offsetting by BP follows ICROA code-compliant credits at a not-for-profit price. The invested funds are committed to sustainable alternative technologies, often in the areas which are likely to be affected first and most harshly by global warming.

These BP projects include: