Portable Power Technology is the new name for Caravan and Leisure Technology Ltd and Power For Africa LLP. We specialise in power and light solutions for remote, off grid and mobile applications

Over a decade of innovation… and counting

To help those in need of power and light across the world, we’ve provided innovative electricity solutions for 13 years.

Many industries use our technologies to bring clean, quiet and renewable mains electricity where it is unstable or unavailable in their location.

Our product range is designed to be portable for outdoor adventurers in caravans, boats and on the move.

Retail, smaller business and industrial customers can find effective power solutions through our online store. We offer exclusive trade accounts for easy ordering of our high quality battery chargers, inverters, solar panels and other power products.

Our other channels are dedicated to supplying electricity to emerging countries. Through our brand, Power for Africa, we’ve developed power backup and solar products for urban and off grid communities throughout Africa.

Power and light to developing countries

We’re helping to change the lives of those in developing countries with products that generate electricity and light from solar energy.

Through our brand, Power For Africa, we have created solar generator, solar lantern and solar inverter packages for the African continent. We also export into other emerging countries through our Portable Power Technology brand.

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Africa mini corp
Emergency Vehicle Corp

Power solutions to industrial and commercial users

We’re the market leader for those who need power in commercial and emergency vehicles—along with many other diverse uses.

Our experience in the supply of inverter and solar-based products allows us to provide custom power packages for remote and off grid projects.

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