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The Last Ride Part 1 – Denali

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The Challenge

The Journey of a lifetime.

Portable Power Technology are proud to present and be a part of The Last Ride Project.
An ambitious, world first in global ski mountaineering and an exploratory documentary investigating catastrophic deglaciation and its effects on the broader climate emergency.
Pioneered by Ed, Will and Jon; their collective aim is to become the first people to climb and ski the tallest mountain on each of the seven continents – from Kilimanjaro at the peak of Africa to Mt. Vinson in the far-gone plains of Antarctica, and culminating in a nail-biting winter expedition on Mt. Everest.

A fantastic voyage, never before undertaken on such a scale and tragically may be the last time anyone can complete such a trail.
To ski the seven summits is a challenge for sure but also a race against time as the historic glaciers are under threat and melting at an unprecedented rate.
Scientists predict that the ice fields on Kilimanjaro will be gone within a decade, and the glaciers atop Puncak Jaya will have disappeared by this time next year.

With a monumental task ahead of them The Last Ride team (Ed Salisbury, Will Tucker and Jon Moy) needed power supplies to not only help them conquer the peaks, but to survive and endure their harsh environments.

The climate crisis we’re currently facing is not to be ignored and we are excited to help sponsor The Last Ride and aid them in helping spread the word on an issue we hold close to our hearts.

Our Solution

We provided each member of the project with their own personal 100+ to help keep their phones and cameras charged up and ready to document their venture.
Through harsh climates and emotional times, our 100+ supported Ed, Will and Jon on their ascent up the great peak of Denali, located in North American plains of Alaska.
The third most prominent and third most isolated peak on Earth, after Mount Everest and Aconcagua.

Following their victory, we reached out to the team for a comment:

“The Powerpack 100+ combined with a 30W semi flexible solar panel is a must have for any multi day expedition. We started our mission to summit and ski Mt Denali, the tallest mountain in North America in a 21 day window, with a full production crew on board. To charge everything from phones, GoPros and mirrorless cameras we used three 100+ powerpacks which are even able to travel with you on a commercial airplane and three 30w solar panels. This gave us the option to be charging and recharging no matter the weather. We had the batteries in insulated bags which were able to be charged and recharged even at -20 degrees.

The 100+’s and panels are lightweight for the size and amount of outlets, fitting in our rucksacks, taking up minimal space.
This is the ideal battery and solar combination for any keen traveller, flying and spending time off grid. “

Our 100+ played a huge role in being able to scale the mountain and capture this amazing moment as they relied on the 100+ as the sole means of recharging their 6 Go Pro 10’s and the 18 spare GoPro 10 Batteries they had brought. With the help of the 30W solar panel they were also able to charge up their Sony a73S batteries 6 times!

Following this successful summit, Ed, Will and Tucker are currently training and gearing up for their next target: Puncak Jaya.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming later this year but in the mean time check out for more information on their immense adventure.



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