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The Gin Trap – Mobile Bar

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The Challenge

The Gin Trap mobile bar provides lavish cocktails wherever and whenever they’re needed, powered entirely off PPT powerpacks. What started off as a simple purchase soon grew into a rapport once Steve Roberts (Founder of The Gin Trap) grabbed himself a 450+ to power his mobile cocktail bar. Although this worked, it was soon apparent that for longer working days, the 450+ would lack the battery capacity, leading Steve to reach out and ask for our advice.

After a short conversation we realised exactly what was necessary to allow The Gin Trap to run their 210 litre fridge for more than 7 hours a day without needing a recharge.

Our Solution

To make this happen we opted for a large, yet portable powerpack known as the EB120. There were lots of reasons why the EB120 was the perfect candidate for the Gin Trap, but the main features that influenced our recommendation were:

  • The large 1200Wh capacity
  • Small and compact (294 x 166 x 365mm)
  • Large 1000W AC pure sinewave inverter to run their fridge and handle its surge rating.
  • Very portable, weighing only 12 KG
  • Easy to add solar with large solar charging capabilities (up to 500W)

During the summer the fridge will be working harder and therefore be consuming more energy. Adding a solar panel to the EB120 ensures there will be plenty of energy to run the fridge for the full 7 hours while they trade. Steve had previously grabbed a 60W panel for use with his 450+, so could easily add this to the EB120. Then it’s just as simple as charging up the powerpacks overnight, all ready for the next day.

Feeling very satisfied with their new power system, this is what Steve had to say:

We purchased the EB120 to power our large (210 litre) drinks cooler when doing outside bars (along with lighting and till etc) The EB120 has more than enough power to run the cooler and other appliances on the hottest of days and lasts for hours! (roughly 7 hours for our setup)
But when used in conjunction with a solar panel (we opted for the 60watt) this run time is increased dramatically!
We would highly recommend the EB120 as it’s neat and compact enough to be transported and stored practically anywhere and provides us with peace of mind when turning up to an event that is ‘off grid’ that we will be able to do business for the duration!

It was great working with The Gin Trap. We were very pleased to get their system fully powered and ready for all the festivals, weddings and other bookings they have coming up.



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