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Rural Electrification in Ghana

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The Challenge

For Solar2Africa400 to bring off grid power to a rural village in Ghana.

Our Solution

We manufacture and supply products for Africa through our brand, Power For Africa.

Our Solar2Africa400 system is a low cost, high capacity, home solar generator system that produces 1100 Wh of power per day. Through local distributors and representatives, we supply the Solar2Africa400 to rural communities. This is usually funded by corporate companies or government sponsored schemes.

We were privileged to work on a small project in a northern village in Ghana called Asunsu.

This village was totally off grid and, as part of a government sponsored scheme, we provided a number of our Solar2Africa400 systems to the village to give basic power and light to a number of homes. Courtesy of Power For Africa, and our local distributor Gem Technologies, we also gave the homes a small TV.

Power to these remote areas has allowed children to read at night and parents to work longer, helping to improve both education and commerce for families. Lighting to homes has also removed the health and fire risks that came from dangerous kerosene lanterns.

It’s fantastic for us to see how our products can bring about change and improve the lives of local people who don’t have access to power.

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