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The Challenge

We are always looking at new and innovative ways for our power solutions to improve and enrich someone’s experience. Recently we helped out Scott, who had a rather unique setup used to survey lakes.

Scott Mercer of E-Fish Solutions needed to power a sonar emitting device, used to scan river beds to check for fish hotspots and for aquatic research.

To record the data, a laptop is also used alongside the sonar equipment, creating a demand for reliable 230V AC. What made this application difficult was that the setup needs to run for 7 days at a time, so our solution needed to be self sufficient to keep everything running for the full week.

Our Solution

To achieve this, we knew a powerpack would be perfect.

The laptop and sonar device were not power hungry loads, but they would consume a lot of energy being on for such a long time. That’s why we opted for the EB240, a professional powerpack with one of the largest battery capacities that we offer in a portable solution. With 230V pure sinewave AC output, as well as regulated 12V DC ports, we could guarantee that this powerpack was ready for the task ahead, and ensure Scott would have reliable power wherever he needed it.

The other deciding factor that led us to choose the EB240, was its built-in solar controller of up to 500W. As we needed to ensure the system ran 24/7, we opted for the largest solar array and suggested two 250W solar panels connected in series (24V) for maximum efficiency.,This successfully runs Scott’s Oculus M1200d, as well as his Panasonic CF-19 Toughbook laptop, and is all being fully sustained by the 500W Solar Array.

Thrilled and pleased with this system, Scott reached out to us to leave us a review:

We needed to be able to run a Sonar and a laptop, autonomously for 7 day periods at the side of a river.
The EB240 along with 2 x 250W solar panels was the answer. With this setup we were able to power the equipment for days on end. The Bluetti EB240 is a professional piece of kit which delivers outstanding performance. It looks stunning in the matt black and the LCD display is clear, easy to understand and tells you everything you need to know.
It caters for all your power hungry devices. Very easy to use, the interface is easy to navigate. Its not too big and its not too heavy. It would be the prefect solution for any off grid power supply needs whether that be in a work based environment or leisure.
This would also act as a perfect emergency power supply for those times when your homes electricity goes down.
Totally recommend the Bluetti EB240 and the staff at Portable Power Tech are professional, friendly and will go out of their way to get you what you need.

– Scott Mercer (verified owner) – September 27, 2021

We were super excited to have seen the sonar in action and the results did not disappoint. Since his purchase, Scott has informed us that the EB240 has been great in running his other fishing equipment such as a rechargeable remote control bait feeder.

We’re delighted to have helped Scott with this, and look forward to all the other new and exciting applications that might require a powerpack solution.


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