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Outdoor Film Premier with Ingram AV

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The Challenge

Here at portable power technology, we supply off-grid power systems for a plethora of applications, both big and small. Given the nature and scale of what we supply, we’re often posed with a lot of unique situations that require a reliable power solution, where grid connection is unavailable.

So when the outdoor events hire company Ingram contacted us with a small dilemma, we we’re happy to help. Ingram AV are a dynamic AV equipment hire and technical production company who needed a portable solution to hire alongside their other technical equipment

The task here was to power a outdoor film premier and presentation with a large projection screen in a remote location, in the heart of nature. A small clearing within the woodlands was to be the stage for this wonderfully rustic movie experience. Now we estimated that the projector needed to run for a minimum of 4 hours, but could potentially go on for at least 6.

Our Solution

As runtime and portability were a must have, we opted for the EB240, a great solution that has plenty of capacity to run the event, as well as some head room for larger projects. The EB240 Powerpack provides Ingram with a 2.4kwh energy storage and a 1000w pure sinewave inverter, perfect for audio equipment and projectors. Its light weight and portable making for the perfect accessory to taking power anywhere.

For this film premier, the EB240 ran a 6k Lumen laser HD Projector, a PA system with two active-speakers, a digital mixer, a laptop and a radio microphone. The powerpack was able to run the entire event for over 4 hours and still had half the total capacity left had the event gone on longer.

As this took place during the evening, solar wouldn’t have been very useful however Ingram do have a 120W folding solar panel that is ideal for summer events when recharging as you go can really help boost total run times.

Overall this mission was a complete success and we look forward to seeing more events in the future that showcase the powerpacks versatility.


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