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Off-grid garden workshop

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The Challenge

To provide an off-grid power system for garden workshop.

Our Solution

PPT were contacted by a customer who wanted an off-grid solar based power system for his garden workshop.

The workshop was to be used to manufacture handsaws and other tools.

The customer required 240V power for power tool charging, laptop / mobile device use, grinder and lighting.

A custom-built adjustable mount was created by the end user to house the solar panels to allow adjustment in winter time where solar can de-rate by 95%!

After discussion with PPT engineers a system was agreed on which consisted of 3 x 100W solar panels, 40A MPPT solar controller, pure sinewave inverter and gel deep cycle battery.

Custom cable sets with in line fuses and diagrams were provided by PPT to help simplify the install.

The system was installed by the customer with support from PPT.

The finished product now allows the user to have a self-sufficient garden workshop for manufacturing handtools.


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