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The Challenge

PPT were approached by Steve from Mini beans coffee, looking for a modern system solution for his commercial coffee trailer.

Like with any mobile coffee application, Steve needed to run various appliances in order to serve freshly ground coffee fast and quickly, every single day.
His loads included;

  • Francino Dual Fuel Coffee Machine
  • 500W Coffee bean grinder
  • Drinks Chiller
  • Standard Lighting
  • Tablet and phone charging
  • Chip and pin reader

Based on 240 cups a day, we managed to work out that Steve would be burning through nearly 3Kw of power every single day using all these appliances.
This meant we needed to come up with a powerful solution that was going to last him for a full days trade, plus have some extra storage on board if he found himself in a pinch on a particularly busy day.

Our Solution

Our task was clear, and so was the way forward.
A system like this is very common across catering vehicles and we at PPT have extensive knowledge on supplying  just the right technology for the job.

We opted for two large AGM batteries as lithium wasn’t a reliable alternative back in 2019.
These Exide EP1500 (180Ah) connected in parallel to provide 3Kw of power for Steve, ensuring he can get through 240 cups a day with no problems.

With any batteries they need an Inverter to power 240V loads from, as well as a charger to get these back to full capacity overnight. Therefore we opted for a Inverter-Charger to successfully do all this from just 1 unit.
The Energier pro 3000VA ensured that Steve could draw up to 2500W continuously, and allowed him to plug 230V back into the trailer to charge up the system when connected to mains.

The inverter-charger allows Steve to keep all his loads powered while charging meaning if he ever found himself at a site with mains power, he could simultaneously charge and use his system with no issues.
A commando socket was installed on the side of the trailer to make all of this a breeze.

The only downside to this system is that the AGM batteries may need replacing later down the line due to their limited technology.
When the time comes to change these, Steve can simply add two of our lithium powerbocks straight into his existing system and then he’ll be all set for many years to come.

Overall Steve was very satisfied with this sleek and modern system and is still going strong to this day.


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