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The Challenge

How do you run a small broadcast operation at a location where you’re offered dark fibre connectivity but no power?
Sure you could use a generator, but they’re noisy, they require safety management and the running costs of fuel are at an all time high.

That’s where we come in.
Here at portable power technology, we specialise in delivering clean energy for off-grid applications.
Whether that be a small project to power a few lights or large scale operations with huge power demands, we’ve got a solution.

In this scenario we needed to provide a solution for the on location broadcast during the Diamond Jubilee events in central London.
They needed power for the media conversion, IP and broadcast infrastructure.
To keep the production running we needed to ensure that our solution could keep everything powered throughout the long broadcast days.

Our Solution

Mains access can be quite difficult on location, especially when everything is moving in such a fast paced and varied environment.
For this we knew that a powerpack was the ideal solution.

Normally a shoot like this would rely on lots of spare battery packs being fully recharged the night previously, and hot swapped as and when needed.
But with a large powerpack solution, we’ve enabled the team to go live, powered solely from a quiet and clean energy source.

For this we knew our Powerpack 2000R would be perfect for the job.
Its powerful and compact with a slim profile, has nearly 2Kwh of usable storage and a pure sinewave inverter that’s capable of delivering up to 2000W.

We we’re excited to see how well the 2000R performed on the shoot and asked the major broadcaster for an honest review:

The 2KVA unit was able to power everything for the whole day. The real time monitoring of remaining running time gives confidence to our users.
Our live camera crews use them frequently for those long broadcast days where access to mains is difficult.
Low power LED lighting means our crews can comfortably run their live point from a powerpack without the need to continuously change batteries.
The added convenience that laptops can be charged, and the USB outlets for phone or tablet charging is very helpful too.

Furthermore the 2000R can be fully recharged overnight meaning that by the morning its all ready for another day of on location shooting.
This means they no longer have to rely on recharging lots of different battery packs overnight and can even run equipment that would normally require 230V mains power.

While they might not always be certain of their broadcast location, they can always be certain of one thing.
Whatever the location, we’ll be keeping them powered.


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