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Ministry of Defence Covid MTU vans

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The Challenge

Our valued client Butyl products, who are involved in numerous government projects, approached us to help procure a power system for a fleet of Mobile covid test units. This would be used by the Ministry of Defence to keep covid test samples cool and at the appropriate temperature from within their mobile testing units. We had 36 hours from the first call to come up with a system, provide the equipment and give technical support so that the MOD could prepare the vehicle and present it to the department of health for approval.

The initial challenge here was the urgency and PPT had to work hard and fast to provide a military-grade solution within the timeframe.

If you’d like to read more detail about this project, you can read the Ministry of Defence’s write up here:



Our Solution

This power solution was designed to be easy to use and easy to install as this was to go into government owned vehicles. Therefore the pressure was on to deliver a robust and efficient system, while keeping costs very economical. We opted for a pure sinewave power inverter of 1500w that would run from an AGM battery of 95ah. This would then be hooked up to a RedarcBCDC1240D battery to battery charger so that the system would always be charging while the engine was running.

This was important as it allowed the fridges to always have a power source while the vehicle was in transit, as well as providing a back-up means of power, should the batteries every be fully depleted.

Overall this project was a great success and our client is highly pleased with the quality and swift delivery of this system.

Cpl Hough (REME) attached to the 170 Royal Engineers Regiment who oversaw and installed the system commented –

“We were tasked with building a mobile testing unit for the governments covid-19 response, we approached PPT to help design and supply an auxiliary electrical system to support 3 x cool boxes and a hand wash unit, the aim was to get the vehicle built within 36 hours before demonstration to the department of health for approval. From our first contact with PPT we were delighted with the support and technical expertise that was provided to us throughout the process, nothing was too much trouble from responding to technical enquiries to providing installation material. The system was designed from the ground up and everything completed on time. The swiftness and quality of the response from PPT was vital in ensuring this project was delivered on time and to a high standard. I would recommend this company to anyone and wouldn’t think twice about working with them again”.


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