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Building Schools in Kenya

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The Challenge

In 2018 we partnered up with Max Mcmurdo to embark on a trip to build schools in Kenya. Max, a British designer, upcycler, entrepreneur and TV presenter, has worked with us on small projects but wanted to go after something much bigger. He approached us with great passion for this project and needed some portable power to help achieve this. As we share this passion for helping develop rural areas we we’re delighted and honoured to help and be part of this journey.

Max had previous experience in designing and making small spaces and believed these skills would be of use in the slums of Nakuru. There we’re a couple of challenges here of course, one being the limited tools and materials, and the other being the lack of electricity.

Our Solution

In preparation for the trip, Max decided it could be beneficial to take some power tools but of course they would require power! PPT we’re able to advise Max on the power requirements of these tools and once we had an idea of the equipment he was taking, we we’re able to donate the necessary power pack and solar panel for the job. This not only helped max while he was there, but it was then donated for the school to provide continued support once the work was completed.

To quote Max “The results were incredible, I was able to run drills, grinders, and circular saws all day long simply rotating my batteries. The locals were so impressed by this incredible tech and after two weeks of working together on the last day we donated everything we had, the shoes on our feet, our suitcases, my power tools and the power pack.

Later in 2019 Max visited the pastor who runs this school  and was excited to show him the powerpack, carefully locked away in his desk. The pastor explained that this powerpack had been operating every day since his last visit and continues to be a of great use to the school.

Max will be returning to my school in Kenya in May 2022 and is keen to take lots more power and is looking forward to be reunited with that original power pack still going strong. We of course will be with him every step of the way to help build further schools and increase their fresh waster access/supply.


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