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An Ambulance Conversion with Max McMurdo

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The Challenge

The country going into lockdown at the start of 2021 was a shock to all, and rattled a lot of business for most individuals, but our close friend Max McMurdo saw this as a challenge. Finding himself with a lot more free time than usual, he purchased an old ambulance with the grand idea of converting this into a luxury camper.

Max is known for being a TV personality and entrepreneur, so we knew this wasn’t going to be your standard conversion. Max had a passion and focus for a practical yet beautiful space, that didn’t conform to the norms and bring to life a modern and energy conscious living space. Removing the need for a dated and noisy devices like the diesel heater and lpg water heaters, in exchange for a more sustainable power system utilising renewable energy.

While Max excels in his passion and practicality, we at PPT excel at making these dreams a reality.

Our Solution

Now the first step was to find a suitable solution that was of the right size and profile for the conversion. Every inch of space has to be meticulously thought about, so compact and energy efficiency was our top criteria when curating this system.

With this at the forefront of our minds we opted for a Vehicle power hub. A compact, all-in-one solution designed to give the absolute best performance in as small a box as possible. Complete with a large 2500Wh Lithium Battery, 30A In-vehicle charger, and 400W MPPT solar charge controller.

With a 320W rigid solar panel, the Vehicle Power Hub 2500 was all set to deliver a great experience and integrate masterfully into Max’s conversion. The hub itself covers all the DC loads max had onboard such as the Infared heater, the water boiler and water pump. As well as the minor loads like phone charging, and all the interior lights.

But for some more luxury items such as a Laptop, a projector and an amazon alexa, then a small AC power inverter was needed to bridge the gap. We opted for a small pure sinewave power inverter of 1500W from TBB. This enabled the use of many 240V appliances as and when they’re needed.

With just these 3 pieces of igneous technology, the power system was complete, and ready for a long life of luxury camping. All the hard work soon paid off, Max was finally able to marvel at his projects completion and shared the following thoughts;

“After 6 months of blood sweat and tears I am so happy with how the ambulance camper van has turned out, especially the power hub which can be charged from the vehicle when it’s driving, solar or electric hook up when on a camp site.

There is enough power to enjoy a nice warm shower after hiking or paddle boarding and to run the infrared heated ceiling which keeps it nice and toasty.

I am now building a micro camper using a smart car, I will no doubt be asking ppt for their expert advice again ”

One of the reasons we love Max is that the fire of ambition never dwindles and we are proud and excited to embark on yet another journey with him.


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