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Mad About Coffee Off-grid Solution

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The Challenge

Mad About Coffee are a company that are, as the name says, mad about coffee. Their specialty lies in the management and delivery of industrial grade coffee machines. Not only do they provide them, but they offer ongoing aftercare and periodically service them to ensure their top-quality machines continue to perform for years to come.
Mad about Coffee wanted to demonstrate one of these machines in an off-grid location so sought out our help to devise a system big enough to power their barista equipment.

In order to brew and serve coffee at this glamping site, we needed to ensure that they could run the following appliances:
• Fridge
• Fracino Duel Fuel Coffee Machine
• Interior and Exterior Lighting

From our calculations we deduced that the largest load would be the fridge which had the ability to peak upwards of 1500W.  Furthermore as this was an off-grid location, the ability to recharge the batteries via generator would be a very beneficial addition and help to recharge in the winter months, although our main goal was to maximise green energy and limit their need to run the generator.

Our Solution

As the combined total of  these appliances were not going to draw more than 2000W continuously, our solution was to offer the Kinergier Mobile 2000W inverter-charger to run all their loads and enable the system to be entirely recharged completely from grid or external generator. To reduce the need for a generator we incorporated a large 500W solar array with a 40A MPPT solar controller. With this much direct PV, input Mad About Coffee could successfully rely on solar as the primary charging source for the system and comfortably run the project entirely on renewable energy during the warmer seasons. This made the operation self sufficient in the summer with their generator solely being used for back-up during the winter months when solar is not available.

We love providing systems like these as not only are they a great investment, but it means that less fuel is used to power generators and less emissions are created. The shift to renewable energy is something we believe to be crucial to our future, so we take immense pride in delivering any system that can reduce generator usage or eliminate the need for one altogether.


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